Vivifying Treatment

At a glance

  • Classic Body Care Treatment
  • Benefits
    Restores vitality and relaxes the muscles
  • This treatment is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding or can be adapted accordingly.
  • Type of body care
    Exfoliation, thermal mud, massage
  • Rate
    60 minutes $139

Wildly popular for its restorative qualities, the Vivifying treatment revitalizes and detoxifies you from head to toe.  It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and invigoration!  Beginning on your tummy, the esthetician will exfoliate your full back with an organic gommage followed by a warmed application of a creamy mud with thermal waters derived from Grotto Giusti in Italy.  This not only purifies, but given its anti-inflammatory benefits, eases muscle aches and pains.  While the mud is setting, you’re treated to a scalp massage infused with Japanese mint oil to help release any stress you may be holding.

As you continue to unwind completely, you’ll receive a half leg and foot exfoliation and massage finished with a mini facial that will rejuvenate your skin. That’s what we call pulling out all the stops!


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