At a glance

  • Specialty Body Care Treatment
  • Benefits
    A lifting effect that tones your face and restores your natural glow
  • This treatment is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding or can be adapted accordingly.
  • Type of body care
    Exfoliating mask, lifting mask, massage
  • Rate
    60 minutes  $175

Our Lumëa specialty facial is a three in one treatment!  It will brighten, renew and best of all will assist in the prevention and treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.  Thanks to its key active ingredients, this specialty facial treatment gives you an instant lifting effect while leaving your skin more youthful, soft and radiant!  Recommended for all skin ages and types, Lumëa consists of a gentle yet effective professional peel which resurfaces the skin, a brightening Vitamin C treatment followed by a cooling, lifting mask. The result is striking and immediate.  Once the finishing cream is applied, your face will glow!

This treatment also includes a scalp, hand and foot massage targeting the most fatigued areas of our bodies. Treat yourself, you truly deserve it.


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