Foot Care

At a glance

  • Classic Body Care Treatment
  • Benefits
    Leaves you with a profound feeling of relaxation
  • Type of body care
    Nail cleaning, exfoliation, and massage
  • Rate
    60 minutes $128

Our foot care treatment is designed to relieve your heavy, tired legs and feet. The treatment begins with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, which allows our skin care products to penetrate deeper into your skin. You’ll also receive a complete cleaning of your nails, including shaping, filing, and buffing. To enhance your experience and take you to a state of pure bliss, we also provide a hand massage and of course, a leg and foot massage. Not only will your legs and feet feel lightweight, nourished, and soft, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated from head to toe!

Please note that given its skincare benefits, our foot care treatment does not include the application of nail polish and may be adapted based on your preferences and needs.

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