Foot Care

At a glance

  • Classic Body Care Treatment
  • Benefits
    Revives tired legs and feet and leaves you with a profound feeling of calm
  • This treatment is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding or can be adapted accordingly.
  • Type of body care
    Hydration, exfoliation, and massage
  • Rate
    60 minutes $139

Treat yourself to a moment of care and attention dedicated to finding relief for your tired feet and legs. Starting with a cleansing foot ritual, followed by a stimulating scrub and a nourishing, as well as soothing, foot mask, reveals silky soft skin. A balancing hand massage as well as a hydrating, brightening and nourishing under-eye mask are also included for an added dose of pampering. You’ll leave walking on clouds of serenity.

Please note that given its skin care benefits, our foot care treatment does not include the application of nail polish and may be adapted based on your preferences and needs.

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