Savour the best of winnipeg

Discover an authentic gourmet experience centred around the finest freshly sourced ingredients from the region. The setting of your culinary journey is yours to choose: three distinct spa atmospheres or the comfort of your own home.

You may enjoy a taste of Thermëa wherever, every day, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Simply call 204-284-6868 ext 284 for pick up or click below for delivery.

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Introducing Chef Chicco

Chef Chicco reinvents spa cuisine by combining heart-warming comfort food with Scandinavian classics. His Classic French training and travels across Asia and Europe have influenced his techniques and inspired a fresh perspective on flavours, texture and aromas.

Inspired by the Danish word Hygge (Hyu-Guh), meaning comfort and at-ease, Chef Chicco and his team of diversely experienced cooks create dishes that are familiar and approachable while still introducing new elements onto the plate. Working with local farmers and producers, ingredients are sourced to be in season and sustainable adding extra comfort to each dish.

Spa cuisine will never be the same; be prepared to have your expectations exceeded with Chef Chicco’s mouth-watering dishes – all in the comfort of your robe!


Enhance your relaxing and savoury experience

Dine on gourmet meals inspired by healthy choices, in the comfort of your robe, enjoying the soft lighting, gentle music and spectacular view that is Resto.

Enjoy our chef’s exquisite creations using locally sourced fresh ingredients and be enticed by texture and flavour from appetizer to dessert. Make the most of your dining experience by choosing your setting, be it in the main dining area, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace in the Lounge, or taking advantage of the outdoors on the patio, at Resto, it’s all about you and the pleasure we bring through this unique and relaxing first-class feast.

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Enjoy our Restö drinks and food menu in a new casual and convivial atmosphere: the Lounge. Sit comfortably around our new fireplace or in the shaded patio overlooking the spa and share a meal, a cocktail, a glass of wine or a beer from our extended menu featuring local Manitoba draughts.