Discover Thermëa

Discover Thermëa

The ultimate relaxation experience

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is right next to Crescent Drive Golf Course in Winnipeg and only a few minutes from downtown. This relaxation and healing centre is mainly focused on thermotherapy and relaxation techniques. It offers a multisensory experience in an immersive natural setting and is aimed at contributing to the health and well-being of its guests


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Our Wellness Services

Massages, body care treatments, and rituals 

Making a visit to Thermëa is taking an important moment to focus on your wellness. To make sure your visit is as beneficial as possible, check out our wide range of massages, body care treatments, and rituals. What do you need? We have the right treatment for you.  


Our Wellness Services

  • Massages
  • Duo massages
  • Body care treatments
  • Aufguss ritual

Explore the spa

Looking to discover the spa before your visit?

Check out our photos and videos, and visit the spa online through our site map!

The thermal cycle

A 2000-year-old ritual

Our primary mission is to help you discover the ritual and benefits of the thermal cycle. Through experimenting with the different ways to complete the cycle, you’ll improve your overall well-being, one visit at a time.  

Hot, cold, rest 

The thermal experience involves alternating between heat, cold, and rest to eliminate toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and support your cardiac rhythm to gain a profound feeling of wellness. We recommend repeating this cycle three or four times.  

Discover our facilities 

For the ultimate relaxation experience 

Between thermal cycles, maximize your experience by exploring Thermëa’s facilities. Make your spa visit the ultimate getaway of pure relaxation.  

Enjoy one of our outdoor pools, surrounded by a natural, peaceful environment.  

Self-service exfoliation is available at any time in the Vaporo building. Add exfoliation to your regular spa routine. It restores radiance to your skin and revitalizes your senses. Take advantage of this incredible treatment!  

Include a gourmet moment in your spa adventure at Restö. Indoors or outdoors, share a snack, meal, or dessert. Enjoy a drink, cup of coffee, or herbal tea. Catch up with loved ones, breathe, and relax!