Relaxation Treatment

At a glance

  • Classic Body Care Treatment
  • Benefits
    Body and muscles relaxation
  • This treatment is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding or can be adapted accordingly.
  • Type of body care
    Exfoliation and massage
  • Rate
    60 minutes $139

An indulgent treatment that offers a deep feeling of relaxation for both body and mind. A custom aromatherapy blend is an integral part of the experience. The session commences with a delicate back exfoliation using a volcanic scrub, followed by the application of a warm, nourishing massage oil. To elevate the experience, a Gua Sha stone facial massage is included, along with gentle massage techniques targeting the scalp, neck, and shoulders, followed by foot acupressure. Additionally, the soothing warmth of heated herbal mitts will assist in alleviating dryness and revitalizing fatigued hands.

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