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Need to cool down?

Explore the possibilities for a moment of pure relaxation

Did you know Thermëa can offer you a multitude of benefits regardless of weather? Our spa adapts to nature’s rhythm, ensuring every experience is unique and relaxing.

When there’s a heat wave, you can escape to an oasis of freshness at Thermëa, thanks to our cold and temperate baths and the areas sheltered from the sun created by the surrounding greenery. Your moment of rest awaits.

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Enjoying a day at Thermëa has never been so easy! Discover our new online booking system and take advantage of the platform to plan your next spa visit.

Personalize your day, choose your date and time of arrival and book your access to the thermal experience, with or without a massage or body treatment!

Make It A Summer To Remember

Reconnect with Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Whatever the weather, Thermëa is your perfect hideaway for a soothing solo moment, or to reconnect with friends.

This summer, most of our outdoor zones welcome quiet conversation. Looking for a quiet moment? Find peaceful spots on our forest beach or in our indoor relaxation areas and saunas.

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The spa, your summer hideaway

For a refreshing experience

Our forest beach, your summer hideaway

Give beach days a new meaning

Unwind under the trees of our forest beach and sit comfortably among our hammocks, sun loungers, or day beds.

Shaded from the sun, let yourself be lulled by the fresh air around you and enjoy this pleasant moment to relax with your feet in the sand. The summer heat will become a lot more enjoyable.

Treat yourself to a massage or a body treatment

Feel renewed and relaxed

Take a break from the sun and head to one of our massage or body treatment rooms in order to be completely pampered.

Combat the heavy feeling effects of heat with a massage and/or a treatment of your choice that will make you feel energetic and relaxed, all at once.

Nothing beats a cold plunge on a hot day

Cool down at the spa

Take the time to cool your body and mind and combat the heat by exploring our various cold experiences.

Dare to plunge into our cold pool, hang out under the hanging buckets or cool down in the icy waterfall. Your body will appreciate it after being exposed to the summer heat.

Enjoy a refreshing ice treat

Make the most of a nice day and sit on one of our terraces enjoying our homemade frozen treats. A real summer pleasure!

Discover our Summer flavours at the spa!

Plan your day

Discover the spa, whatever the weather