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Rest Areas

Discover the numerous relaxation areas


At the heart of the Thermëa site, discover Fläm, a space with particular allures that are greatly appreciated by guests. Built from round wood and open-roofed, it houses a fireplace and Adirondack chairs where you can relax outside.

Wrapped in your robe and curled up comfortably on a chair, you let yourself rock like a baby. Your mind wanders. You are sheltered from the wind and in complete harmony with nature. At night, look up at the sky and admire the billions of stars shining in the dark. This experience is quite simply majestic.

Relaxa Relaxation Chalet

The Relaxa relaxation chalet is located behind the Fläm building. First, you stop by the tea station to prepare a hot drink to your tastes or to pour yourself a glass of infused water, the flavours of which vary day by day, depending on the chef’s inspirations.

Next, you have a variety of options to relax, inside or outside, on the patio. You head for the heated benches that look out over the site and the surrounding natural beauty, curling up in front of a fire almost like you’re at the cottage. You drink your tisane and read your book. Life is peaceful here. Do you feel like nodding off? Head for Tellura. Restful beds and a heating apparatus welcome you to the tune of soft and inspiring music. The room is pleasant, the lights are soft, and the atmosphere is designed for ultimate meditation! Close your eyes, and you will be transported somewhere else. Go ahead and nap, it’s allowed and even encouraged!


Give yourself a moment of pure relaxation at the Forest beach, Edëna. Located behind the Relaxa chalet and the steam saunas Vaporo, everything has been designed to recreate a tropical destination atmosphere… Hot sand, deckchairs, hammocks and gentle sound of waves.

Scope out the perfect spot, sit comfortably, slide down your shades, and dive into your novel. With a little imagination, you’re almost there.


If you want to enjoy a little relaxation time with your friends, Hedonïa is ready to welcome you. It’s adjacent to the Restö and is specially set up for social gatherings at the spa.

Here, you can talk and discuss freely with your friends without worrying about disturbing other guests. What a great idea! Group relaxation is a dream made reality in the Hedonïa area.


Experience an extraordinary moment of solo relaxation at the spa during the summer. Enjoy the hammocks set up at a few locations across the site. Huddled into your cocoon, this is the perfect place to take a nap in nature, in a remote place, under the trees, with the sound of a waterfall and the birds singing softly.

Nothing else exists around you. You’re like a baby in a cradle; the profound sense of relaxation and comfort is almost indescribable. Please, do not disturb…

Lounge chair

Thermëa has many spots where you can relax, enjoy the moment, and unwind. For maximum comfort, settle into a lounge chair located behind the Polabër cold pool or between the Vaporo and Relaxa buildings.

We’ve thought of everything to let you enjoy a unique break before, during, or even after your vacation.

The hot tub Gëser

To achieve maximum comfort and even more relaxation, take advantage of the hot tub. Before starting a second round of the thermal cycle, or simply to prolong the pleasure of relaxing solo, as a couple, or between friends, slide into Gëser. It’s complete and utter joy!

Facing Restö, Gëser is the warmest pool at Thermëa! Its temperature is 39 °C. On a warm summer evening or a beautiful spring day, you will feel time stop. The water jets massage your muscles and relieve you of your daily tensions for greater happiness and well-being. In the evening, the pool is lit for an even more sublime experience.

This is another way to relax at the end of your thermal cycle.