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The cold and temperate pools

A variety of choices for the cold step


Icebër is the icy waterfall that steals the show at Thermëa. It flows between the Finlandia and Barik saunas. Walk under the waterfall or simply submerge yourself in the pool beside it: Polabër. It’s up to you to decide. The waterfall is 10 °C. This experience is a challenge, but is completely satisfying. Dare yourself!

Icebër at a glance

  • Temperature: 10 °C
  • Location: between the Finlandia and Barik saunas
  • Features: icy waterfall


Polabër is the cold water pool that collects at the base of the Icebërg waterfall. A few seconds of immersion is enough to cause the spike in adrenaline that will give you energy and vitality. Its temperature is 15 °C.

Polabër at a glance

  • Temperature: 15 °C
  • Location: at the base of the Icebërg waterfall
  • Feature: cold water pool that collects at the base of the Icebërg waterfall


This temperate pool is located in the centre of the Thermëa site, a few steps from the Finlandia sauna and between the cold and hot pools. This is the best pool for your initiation into the thermal experience, because its temperature is about 21 °C. During a summer heat wave, the Tempër pool will be your oasis.

Tempër at a glance

  • Temperature: 21 °C
  • Location: a few step from the Finlandia sauna
  • Features: best pool for your initiation to the thermal experience

4 Different Ways to Complete the Cold Step

Many options are available to cool your body after the sauna. Here are just a few:

  • Suspended buckets: Two buckets are suspended and filled with cold water at the Vaporo sauna’s exit. Spray yourself with cold water by pulling on the cord. The effect is surprising and the result is rapidly achieved.
  • An outdoor stroll: For a gentler experience, simply walk around the site for a few minutes until your body feels completely refreshed.

The next and final step is rest.