Enjoy summer, whatever the weather

Discover the magic of the spa under the summer rain

Explore the possibilities for a moment of pure relaxation

Did you know Thermëa can offer you a multitude of benefits, no matter the weather? Our spa adapts to nature’s rhythm, ensuring every experience is unique and relaxing.

Discover the beauty of nature, regardless of the forecast, and find refuge at the spa. A light summer rain or an unexpected storm will create a memorable day. It’s the ideal time to reconnect with yourself. Let yourself be surprised; everything is a question of perspective!

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Enjoying a day at Thermëa has never been so easy! Discover our new online booking system and take advantage of the platform to plan your next spa visit.

Personalize your day, choose your date and time of arrival and book your access to the thermal experience, with or without a massage or body treatment!

Make It A Summer To Remember

Reconnect with Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Whatever the weather, Thermëa is your perfect hideaway for a soothing solo moment, or to reconnect with friends.

This summer, most of our outdoor zones welcome quiet conversation. Looking for a quiet moment? Find peaceful spots on our forest beach or in our indoor relaxation areas and saunas.

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The spa, your summer hideaway

For a surprising experience

Enjoy a meal at our Restö or Lounge

A gourmet experience

The rain is a perfect backdrop for a gourmet experience during your spa outing. Enjoy a delicious meal beside one of our indoor fireplaces, comfortably snuggled up in your bathrobe.

Treat yourself to an unparalleled culinary experience, with local flavors and seasonal aromas. Pair your meal with wine from our exceptional selection, all served in an intimate and warm atmosphere. A perfect complement to your day of wellness.

Hit the reset button

Treat yourself to our purifying Himalayan Salt Treatment

Enhance your day at the spa by reserving the 60-minute purifying Himalayan salt treatment. It’s the perfect treatment to hit the reset button on your skincare routine and escape the rain.

The Himalayan salt treatment purifies, regenerates and softens skin while eliminating toxins for a calming and soothing effect.

A soothing shelter from the rain

Try our Vaporo Sauna

Escape from the summer rain in one of our Vaporo saunas:  Eucalyptus or Orange. Renowned for its many benefits, breathe in the natural scents of essential oils mixed with the vapors of the sauna. Live the complete experience, it will give you an incomparable feeling of well-being!

Enjoy a refreshing ice treat

Make the most of a nice day and sit on one of our terraces enjoying our homemade frozen treats. A real summer pleasure!

Discover our Summer flavours at the spa!

Plan your day

Discover the spa, whatever the weather