Eliminate stress this back to school season

Eliminate stress this back to school season

  • September 12, 2019

Now that the new school year is in full swing, you may already be feeling some stress creep up on you. And no wonder! The abrupt shift between summer and school can be a real shock to the system. Coming out of a relaxing summer vacation and headfirst into deadlines, responsibilities, driving kids to and from extracurricular activities, juggling both work and school schedules… it can get a bit overwhelming. Whether you’re a student yourself, your kids are in school, or maybe even both (!), here are three tips to eliminate stress this back to school season.

1 – Write it down  

Instead of immediately attacking your to-do list, take some time to get organized and write things down. While it might seem like listing out all your tasks at once would contribute to stress, keeping everything written down means that you don’t have to hold all that information in your head! Feel free to experiment with different strategies and find the method that works best for you. Do you prefer to keep everything centralized on your phone, or is an old-school approach with a pen and paper agenda best for you? Either way, once you free up that mental space, it can feel as though a weight has lifted from your shoulders.

2 – Start your day calmly   

Your morning routine can really set the tone for your day, so it’s worth it to try and make it as relaxing as possible. That doesn’t mean that you have to exercise, journal, and meditate every morning. (Sounds lovely, but who has the time?) Simply preparing as much as you can the night before can lead to a more relaxed start to your day. Do you usually find yourself scrambling to throw a lunch together, frantically trying to decide what to wear, or staring down your coffee maker waiting for it to slowly drip out your liquid gold? Preparing the night before can eliminate unnecessary morning stress and help you start your day feeling calm and centred.

3 – Live in the moment  

This is one of those things that’s easier said than done, but it’s worth working on because the benefits are so great! Being present can go a long way towards reducing your stress. Try focusing exclusively on the task at hand and not worrying about anything else. If the task at hand happens to be a big project, focus on taking steps to complete the project instead of worrying about the deadline. If the task at hand is driving to work, simply enjoy the drive instead of thinking about work! Since learning this skill can be surprisingly difficult, you might find it helpful to dedicate some time to practice – and what better place to practice than the spa? Your stress will melt away in the tranquil atmosphere, surrounded by nature and free from distraction. Mindfulness is only a step away!

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