Threads of Connection: Crafting Wellness and Community with MINI TIPI 

Threads of Connection: Crafting Wellness and Community with MINI TIPI 

  • February 21, 2024

Creating Meaningful Connections, Enhancing Well-Being, and Honouring Tradition

As the sun sets behind the tranquil landscapes of the spa, painting the baths and saunas in vivid pinks and oranges, a tapestry of connection unfolds. In the heart of sanctuaries of serenity—Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea, QC, Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature in Winnipeg, MB, and Thermëa spa village in Whitby, ON—a unique partnership thrives, weaving together the rich cultural heritage of MINI TIPI with the wellness philosophy of Groupe Nordik. At the heart of it: a blanket. This collaboration goes far beyond textiles and designs; it’s about forging bonds, nurturing communities, and honouring traditions. It’s about a village. Join us as we explore the essence of our partnership, rooted in nature, steeped in culture, and dedicated to weaving the threads of connection throughout our communities. 

On Collaboration 

MINI TIPI and Groupe Nordik are driven by nearly identical values. From sharing a commitment to highlighting the exceptional talent in their communities to creating spaces where individuals can forge genuine connections with themselves, one another, nature, tradition and culture. It is their high-quality standards in creating a meaningful partnership with positive impact that continues to propel this relationship, explains MINI TIPI cofounder, Mélanie Bernard. When the spas made their love of MINI TIPI’s missions and designs known, it was only natural to create an exclusive blanket to adorn their massage therapy rooms and bring warmth to their visitors.  

two spa goers enjoying their time at the spa in a snowy setting while wearing a mini tipi blanket

On Inspiration  

When it came to this collaboration, MINI TIPI wanted to convey the feeling visitors experience when they set foot into the natural wonders that are Groupe Nordik’s spas. Trisha Pitura, cofounder of MINI TIPI, paints a picture: “We wanted the colours to incorporate earth tones with the elements that surround the spa. Deep browns to complement the wood, and greys to pick up the rocks and earth that surround the grounds.” Furthermore, the design reflects feelings of community and the strength of connections.  

Always keeping nature in mind, MINI TIPI uses recycled materials for their products. For this specific blanket, they chose a practical wool blend, which can be used every day and machine-washed time and time again.  

spa goer enjoying a comforting campfire while wearing the MINI TIPI blanket to keep warm

On Culture 

Culture and tradition are part of everyday life for MINI TIPI. They use traditional teachings and inspiration to create authentic designs to share and celebrate Indigenous culture. While their collaboration with Groupe Nordik is exciting, explains Mélanie, it is one of many relationships they have built: “We create designs as well as collaborate with artists across Canada to share knowledge and culture through textiles in a modern way.” Creating accessible products that empower people with knowledge so that they may start a conversation and be part of the change and pathway to reconciliation is only one of MINI TIPI’s numerous missions.  

MINI TIPI’s collaboration with Groupe Nordik and its spas is more than just a partnership; it’s a celebration of community, culture and the lasting impressions we can leave on each other through connection. By joining our communities, reveals Mélanie, we want to demonstrate the importance of working together and the positive impact a meaningful partnership can have. This blanket represents doing things in a good way, supporting not only locally, but creating awareness to the Indigenous community and culture.   

On Nature 

When we are fortunate enough to find ourselves in nature, information acknowledging the lands of the First Nations we stand on should be readily available. Trisha reminds us that we are connected to all things, and nature is what grounds us. “When you allow yourself to connect with nature, it’s a reset that touches all four elements, that balances us spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.”  

MINI TIPI’s design speaks not only of the importance of the community but also of the importance of staying connected, not only to people but to nature and the land. 

two spa goers relaxing outdoors and having a friendly conversation

On the Future 

MINI TIPI will continue to create high quality, beautiful designs that celebrate culture. When it comes to their partnership with Groupe Nordik, Mélanie and Trisha hope to see the Village design grow with the North American spas and continue to represent the Indigenous culture with the warm embrace of blankets. With a shared belief in long-lasting relationships, time will only tell what meaningful projects are in store for both Groupe Nordik and MINI TIPI.