In Celebration of Earth Day: Our Green Initiatives

In Celebration of Earth Day: Our Green Initiatives

  • April 19, 2024

At Thermëa, we’re dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with nature, our community, and ourselves. Join us on our journey towards sustainability and wellness, and perhaps find inspiration to integrate these values into your own lifestyle. 

This Earth Day, let’s honour our planet by exploring some of the green initiatives that define our spa experience, seamlessly blending nature and wellness into every moment. 

We shop locally.

When it comes to our restaurants, we always prioritize in-season produce and local suppliers. Here is a list of some of the businesses we have built relationships with who grow and process products locally: Waldner Meats for sausages, chicken and deli meat; Winnipeg Specialty Meats for pepperettes, burgers and whole roasts; Friend Bakery for sourdough loaves and baguettes; John Russell Honey Company for honey; Fresh Forage for microgreens and lettuce; Nature’s Farm for organic eggs and pasta.  

a plate of a chicken burger with locally sourced ingredients

We reduce food waste.   

In our kitchen, we always try to be “Food Cost Champions,” meaning we maximize the ingredients that we use in our menus to incur minimal wastage. And when it’s unavoidable, we work with a local composting company who gathers our compost and processes it to be used as fertilizer.  

We plant with purpose.  

The spa’s landscaping was done with purpose. Every plant was chosen for a specific reason. One of our favourites, lavender, is not only amongst our signature scents but is also a super attractor for beneficial biodiversity, attracting butterflies, bees, dragonflies and ladybugs.   

We garden!   

On top of landscaping, we also garden. During the spring and summer, we grow our own herbs and edible florals in our garden. It doesn’t get more local than that!  

We shop sustainably.

When we can’t find local suppliers, we focus on vendors who share our values and care about sustainability. The company whose products we use during our body care treatments—Comfort Zone—is a Certified B Corporation. When it comes to coffee, we work with Thom Bargen who ethically sources and roast the coffee beans we use in Restö. There is no middle person, the transaction is done directly between Thom Bargen and the family who grows the beans.  

Cornelia Bean is another Winnipeg company and supplier with incredible sustainability practices. They ethically source their tea ingredients for their boreal teas from the forest and follow the rule of thirds: if they come across a patch to be foraged, they only ever take a third, leaving the rest so that other beings—plants, animals, and humans—can also benefit from the ingredient.  

We offer a paperless experience.   

All our receipts are sent electronically to eliminate paper waster. Our online gift certificates are also incredibly convenient when it comes to last-minute gifts—no need to run to the shops, just go straight to your inbox! 

We repurpose materials. 

Did you know we have our own wood shop and workshop at our headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec? Here, artisans make the furniture and custom pieces that bring life to the spas. In the shop, we reuse old barn wood, and we repurpose metal and pipes. All these touches are not only sustainable but bring an authentic feel to the experience.    

We facilitate the use of reusable water bottles.  

In a space where drinking water is so important—after a massage, a sauna session or outside on a sunny day—we’ve made refilling your water bottles as easy as can be. Our refill stations are there to replace plastic water bottles. You can also find refreshment stations around the spa for delicious, infused waters.  

As we reflect on the significance of Earth Day, let’s embrace the opportunity to align our actions with our values. By exploring our green initiatives, both big and small, we contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet and generations to come.