Transitional holiday décor

Transitional holiday décor

  • November 7, 2019

Let’s face it: sometimes the holiday season can get a bit exhausting before it’s even properly begun. With decorations hitting store shelves earlier and earlier every year, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm before the festivities get underway. Why not take a softer approach this year? Begin by decorating your home for the winter season, so you can easily transition into holiday décor when the time feels right for you. Plus, your winter décor can stay up until spring and bring some good cheer to your home long after the holidays are over.

From DIY projects to quick and easy transformations, read on for some decorating inspiration – your winter wonderland awaits!

Winter Wreath

A wreath doesn’t need to scream “festive” with bells, bows, and the traditional red and green colour scheme. Take inspiration from Mother Nature and create a wreath with seasonal foliage, like pine or spruce branches and even some small pinecones.

A trip to your local craft store should supply you with everything you need for the project. Make sure to get a base (such as a wreath frame or a simple wire hoop), greenery of your choice, and potentially wire cutters and twine to cut the foliage and attach it to the frame.

A more rustic frame, such as a grapevine style wreath, will allow you to weave your greenery in and out of the vine and adjust it to your liking, without the need for glue or twine. Dried eucalyptus attached to a wire hoop with twine will make for a minimal design that will look beautiful all season long!

Table Centrepiece

For the easiest DIY decoration of all time, consider throwing together a quick table centrepiece. Head to your local thrift store for a unique vase that won’t break the bank. Think outside the box – don’t limit yourself to finding an actual vase when a watering can, jug, bottle, or flowerpot will also work. Once you’ve chosen your vase, grab some evergreen branches or other seasonal foliage, arrange it in the vase, and you’re done! If you’re feeling a little extra, feel free to add some texture by wrapping some burlap fabric, twine, or ribbon around the vase.

Winter Accessories

If the DIY route really isn’t your thing, simply add some accessories to bring out a cozy winter vibe. A chunky cable knit blanket and a big cuddly pillow on your couch will go a lot farther than you might think towards creating a warm, inviting space. Add candles and even some soft white fairy lights to amp up the magical winter atmosphere – string lights don’t need to be a strictly festive decoration! These comforting touches will help you to welcome the winter season with open arms and feel a little more mentally prepared for the holidays when they roll around.