Our baths

Water quality

Surpass all standards of excellence

The very essence of our success as a spa centre in a natural setting is water. Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature, water quality must not just be excellent, it must surpass all standards of excellence.

We strive toward this goal every hour of every day, using a three-pronged approach:

1- Trained, experienced staff

 The team that monitors our various pools is made up entirely of certified pool operators, who are in constant action throughout our daily operations. Few establishments hire such specifically qualified personnel for this job.

2- Cutting-edge equipment

 Our powerful supply and pumping systems ensure that the water in our pools is completely filtered every 30 minutes. A computerized monitoring system analyzes water in real time, and automated control systems chlorinate and disinfect as needed. The process is further enhanced with new UV lamp technology to guarantee water quality throughout the spa.

3- Meticulously applied protocols

 While our automated systems are highly reliable, our staff also checks computerized data by hand every three hours. If the slightest problem arises, we do not hesitate to close a pool until its parameters comply with the highest standards.

Discover Thermëa’s pools

Thermëa boasts three outdoor pools in a natural and bucolic environment. Each pool is unique and each offers its own distinct experience. Choose the cold pools as a 2nd step of the thermal cycle or to cool down a little during a heat wave. You can soak in the hot pool or in the temperate pool at any time to relax and unwind completely.


The cold water pool

Polabër is the cold water pool that collects at the base of the Icebër waterfall. A few seconds of immersion is enough to cause the spike in adrenaline that will give you energy and vitality. Its temperature is 15 °C.

Polabër at a glance

  • Temperature: 15 °C
  • Location: at the base of the Icebër waterfall
  • Features: cold water pool that collects at the base of the Icebër waterfall


The temperate pool

This temperate pool is located in the centre of the Thermëa site, a few steps from the Finlandia sauna and between the cold and hot pools. This is the best pool for your initiation into the thermal experience, because its temperature is about 30 °C. During a summer heat wave, the Tempër pool will be your oasis.

Tempër at a glance

  • Temperature: 30 °C
  • Location: a few steps from the Finlandia sauna
  • Features: best pool for your initiation to the thermal experience


The hot tub at Thermëa!

To achieve maximum comfort and even more relaxation, take advantage of the hot tub. Before starting a second round of the thermal cycle, or simply to prolong the pleasure of relaxing solo, as a couple, or between friends, slide into Gëser. It’s complete and utter joy!

Facing Restö, Gëser is the warmest pool at Thermëa! Its temperature is 39 °C. On a warm summer evening or a beautiful spring day, you will feel time stop. The water jets massage your muscles and relieve you of your daily tensions for greater happiness and well-being. In the evening, the pool is lit for an even more sublime experience.

Gëser at a glance

  • Temperature: 39 °C
  • Location: Facing Restö
  • Features: The warmest pool at Thermëa!