Step 2: Cold

From 10 to 15 seconds is enough to cool your body.


Cold pool, icy waterfall, or an outdoor stroll

To draw the maximum benefit from the thermal experience, it’s important to cool down your body after it’s been exposed to intense heat.

It’s enough to briefly submerge yourself in the cold pool or walk under an icy waterfall, dipping your head into the water if possible. For a gentler experience, it’s also possible to take an outdoor stroll.

This is the most shocking step of the thermal cycle, but it’s crucial before moving to the rest step.


Release Adrenaline

The transition from hot to cold creates a thermal shock, which raises your heart rate, closes your pores, and releases adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone that is usually secreted in response to stress and the body’s need for energy. You will feel deeply energized and alive after immersing yourself in cold water!

For a complete Thermal Cycle