Three Essential Oil Blends for Fall

Three Essential Oil Blends for Fall

  • September 19, 2018

This fall, promise yourself to make wellness a priority. Take advantage of the small joys of the season to awaken your senses.

When my level of motivation starts to fall, I try to integrate a wellness ritual into my routine by getting inspiration from the comforting atmosphere of the spa. That’s probably the reason why I’ve recently fallen in love with my essential oil diffuser. Well, not literally, but it’s so comforting that I can’t live without it.

Inspired by the leaves that are starting to change colour, I’m recommending three essential oil blends for your diffuser and your self-care.


To strengthen the immune system

One advantage of the fall: (finally) being able to wear wool sweaters. One inconvenience: the cold that comes with the change in temperature. The solution: orange and eucalyptus essential oils.

Inspired by the two Vaporo saunas at Thermëa, this essential oil blend protects you from microbes instantly.


Mix equal parts of orange, rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, and cinnamon essential oils.


To restore your energy

If you’re like me, the change of season affects you and seasonal depression makes you nostalgic for the beautiful days of summer. That’s why this blend is perfect for helping you realize that autumn also has its share of advantages…like sweet comfort foods.

Restore your energy and lower your stress level with this blend of essential oils that (literally) smells like Snickerdoodles.


3 parts orange essential oil, 2 parts cinnamon essential oil, and 1 part clove essential oil.


For complete relaxation

Whatever the season, I absolutely can’t do without my favourite essential oil. Incorporating lavender into my wellness rituals has become a reflex. There’s a reason why I always choose lavender massage oil and lavender salt scrub at the spa: I just love it!

This fall, I’m integrating this blend into my bedtime routine. Combining lavender with cedar and vetiver essential oils soothes the mind instantly. Take advantage of crisp fall nights and restorative sleep.


1 part cedar essential oil, 2 parts vetiver essential oil, and 4 parts lavender essential oil.


Whatever your needs are, take a moment to stop and contemplate the beauty of the coming autumn days. Now, you can take full advantage of them!