6 Reasons to Bring Dad to the Spa

6 Reasons to Bring Dad to the Spa

  • June 1, 2018

Your dad is a busy man. He thinks of others before even thinking of himself. He works full-time, takes care of the children, does maintenance work, gives his brother a hand, helps friends and puts in a lot of effort to stay in shape.

Even if he really needs it, it doesn’t occur to him to come to the spa to relax. Tell him that even heroes take breaks. Teach him to relax.

Here are some rock-solid arguments to convince him to come to the spa! He’ll be bitten by the relaxation bug.

1- If he’s a beer lover, he’ll be thoroughly satisfied! Seated comfortably in our Restö the most relaxing spot in the region, he will be able to taste different beers from Beau’s, Farmery Estate and Little Brown Jug microbreweries while enjoying some tapas. Life is good!

2- As a fan of thrills and good music, he’ll get an opportunity to push his limits thanks to the Aufguss ritual. He will be transported to the world of the purest Finnish sauna traditions. The Aufguss master places balls of ice enriched with three different pure, natural essential oils onto hot stones in the Finlandia sauna. With a large cloth that he waves artfully, the Aufguss master wafts the steam toward the people present. It’s very hot. He’s never had an experience like it.


3- For an athletic dad, a deep-tissue massage comes to mind because it’s designed to relieve muscle tension and reduce recovery time. Combined with the spa experience, his athletic performance will be improved. This is probably what will convince him to return regularly to the spa.

4- Is your father a foodie? That’s great, because in addition to relaxing to his heart’s content, he can enjoy healthy, delicious meals from chef Thomas. Inspired by local products and seasonal flavours, every dish is a culinary experience that will satisfy even the heartiest appetites. When was his last gourmet meal?

5- Intellectual dads will appreciate the solo relaxation spaces. The loungers on Edenä, the forest beach, are perfect for diving into a mystery novel or a science magazine for hours without being bothered. Now that’s total happiness!

6- The outdoor and nature enthusiast will really appreciate his time at the spa because he will be immersed in a natural, zen-like setting. This is the time to try out thermotherapy and different relaxation techniques from Scandinavian countries. He may not know it, but he really needs it. It’ll be a revelation for him.

So, there it is! Now you have some talking points to convince him that a visit to the spa can also be enjoyable for men…

Why does your guy love coming to the spa? I’d love to read your comments.


Anne-Marie Charron
Wellness Blogger