Chef’s inspiration: My favourite Chai latte recipe

Chef’s inspiration: My favourite Chai latte recipe

  • October 3, 2018

On a cool crisp fall day, there is nothing I like better than slowly sipping on a spicy chai latte while sitting around the fireplace. I mean, isn’t that what fall is all about, cozy and comforting rituals?

At Thermëa, our chai latte is one of the most popular warm beverages on the menu, especially when the leaves start changing and the air gets cooler. If you’re currently craving one, keep on reading because I’m about to share my recipe with you.


The recipe to a perfectly spicy and creamy chai latte

The secret to a perfectly balanced chai latte is choosing the right tea. At Thermëa we source our chai from Cornelia Bean Ltd., a Winnipeg-based company located on Academy road. Real black tea, ginger, and authentic chai spices are ground into a micro powder. We take this micro ground chai mixture and combine it with steamed milk for a luxurious, warm, spicy latte to enjoy.

Yes, you read it right. We don’t steep the tea, we blend the powdered spices into hot milk.

If you prefer, we would be happy to make this with soy milk for a dairy free alternative, just ask your server.


1 Tablespoon Cornelia Bean Ltd. Tipu’s chai micro powder

1 cup milk (or dairy free substitute of your choice)


  1. Warm up your milk. If you can steam your milk, you will get a frothy light texture which adds to the experience. If you do not have access to your own latte machine, warming the milk in a pot on the stovetop would be your next best option.
  2. Place the micro ground chai in the bottom of a thick, heat proof mug and add a splash of the warm milk. Stir together to blend the powder with the milk.
  3. Top up your mug with warm milk, put on some woolly socks, and find a comfy chair around the fireplace to maximize your chai latte enjoyment!

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What’s your favourite fall beverage?


Thomas Stuart, Head Chef