5 Gifts ideas for Mother’s Day

5 Gifts ideas for Mother’s Day

  • April 26, 2018

What do moms really need? It’s simple: They need a moment to relax, a break, some rest. Here are my ideas for relaxing Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, your children’s grandma, your mother-in-law and moms-to-be. Gentlemen, I’ll also give you a gift idea for the mother of your children. It’s the perfect chance to take care of her.

1- Mom, you really deserve it!

Take care of the woman who took such good care of you: your mom. Give her the new purifying Himalayan salt body treatment. This body treatment just arrived at Thermëa right on time for Mother’s Day. It’s a detoxifying, exfoliating, regenerative treatment. It’s perfect for a mom. She will have silky soft skin and will emerge energized from the treatment. It’s a safe bet that she’ll love it.

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2- Grandma, you’re the best!

She is so present in the lives of your children. She helps you out. She takes over for you. She brings dishes cooked with love. She is always there for you and your children. Take the opportunity to thank her with a Lumëa treatment. Designed for mature skin, this treatment will give her skin a more youthful and radiant appearance and restore its natural glow. She will be even more beautiful! Is that even possible?

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3- Mother-in-law, thank you for being in my life!

Here are some examples of relaxing items to give your mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. First, go with a must-have: the comfortable, high-qualityThermëa bathrobe, which is available in two colours: white or grey. Then, put a soap and a scented candle in the gift box. Next, go to the shop at the spa to smell various perfumes and choose the most relaxing one. Give her everyday relaxation and the spa experience at home.

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4- You’ll be a great mom!

It’s a great joy to welcome a little one into the world, but this sometimes comes with its share of discomfort when her belly grows round. Contribute to the well-being of an expectant mother by giving her a massage for pregnant women. It focuses on the specific needs of the mother-to-be, soothes muscles and promotes circulation. It will do her tremendous good. She’ll be ecstatic!

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5- Especially for you, the mother of our beloved children!

Gentlemen, thanks to her, you have the joy of being a dad. Give her a break at the spa. She really deserves it. From day one, she has taken good care of the children. Now, it’s her turn to be pampered. Give her aThermëa gift certificate. You can even buy it online in 4 very easy steps. Take 3 minutes at the office so that she doesn’t suspect anything. She will be TRULY touched.

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For Mother’s Day, take care of her. She deserves it.


Anne-Marie, Wellness Blogger