Three great reasons to visit the spa this winter

Three great reasons to visit the spa this winter

  • December 21, 2017

What team are you on? Pro-winter or anti-winter? The spa has something for everyone, especially for warmth lovers out there. Let yourself fall in love with the magical and warm décor of Thermëa during the cold winter months. Here are three excellent reasons to take a break at the spa this winter!

1- To make peace with winter

We’re lucky to have four distinct seasons here. For people who prefer warmth, however, it can be difficult to enjoy winter. Don’t worry, the spa is for you! It’s worthwhile to come and try it.
Wrapped in a bathrobe and with a tuque pulled down over your ears, you can enjoy the hot tubs on-site to keep warm. While you’re there, you’ll admire the winter scene, the crisp air that caresses your cheeks, and the warmth of the water that relaxes you. You aren’t even cold. Incredible, isn’t it? You continue your outdoor winter adventure in the relaxation chalet. Settled comfortably into a couch in front of the fire, or on the heated benches you shut your eyes, and all is well. The scent of the burning wood reminds you of Sundays at the cottage. You still don’t feel the cold.
Next, you head to Restö to try its flavourful cuisine and an exceptional selection of wines served in an intimate and enveloping atmosphere, all while wrapped in your bathrobe. You eat like royalty, keeping warm by the fireplace. Not a shiver to be seen. Thanks to the spa, you have made peace with winter.

2- To warm up

If you need to warm up, this is the place to be! Thermëa offers four saunas, each inspired by Nordic and Mediterranean traditions. Each has its own unique architecture, inspiration, material, layout, heat source, temperature, and air volume. Each creates a particular climate in a specific environment. The temperature of some of our saunas can reach 100 °C. Enjoy it! You have never been so warm in the middle of winter.

This is the first step of the thermal cycle, which promotes wellness and relaxation. In the sauna, your body stores heat, dilates your pores, flushes out toxins, and stimulates your immune system. It’s perfect to protect you against seasonal viruses and microbes in winter. Stay there for at least eight to 10 minutes for maximum effect. Continue the thermal cycle by walking in the open air or by jumping into one of our temperate or cold-water pools. Next, head to a relaxation space for 20 minutes. You will feel extraordinary well-being. Warm up with saunas this winter!

3- To break your routine

Cocooning season is in full swing. Every day is the same. Your routine is well established, and it’s difficult, or even impossible, to imagine making a change in the middle of the week. You have homework, piano lessons, hockey practice. It’s cold and it’s dark. It’s the perfect time to stay at home.

Still, it’s beneficial to break out of your routine and treat yourself to an evening of relaxation at the spa. It’s just a matter of organization. Pack your bag the night before so you can head to winter paradise right after work. That’s the secret! From your arrival, you’ll fall under our spell, and think of nothing else. Take in the relaxing ambience, the white lights in the trees, the snowy scenery, the icy waterfalls, the steam clouds over the hot tubs, the welcoming relaxation spaces, the wood fires, the scents of essential oils. The stage is set to help you completely relax. You find yourself in the middle of a warm and magical winter décor, perfect for relaxation and meditation.
A few minutes from the city, you’re in a whole new world, and it’s perfect like that. This winter, escape to the spa alone, as a couple, or between friends. Break convention, it’s a good habit to adopt to survive until spring!

Plan your visit

To draw the maximum benefit from your winter spa escape, bring a tuque, a book, lip balm, a swimsuit, a bathrobe, and sandals. All these can be purchased at the Thermëa boutique, and bathrobes are available on-site. You may want to bring a spare bathing suit (or second bikini bottom) in all seasons to be more comfortable during meals at the restaurant. It’s only a suggestion: do as you wish!

Break up your routine to warm up and relax in the coming weeks. It’s an excellent way to befriend winter. Hurray for the winter spa!

Anne-Marie Charron, Wellness blogger