Relax, summer isn’t over yet!

Relax, summer isn’t over yet!

  • September 1, 2017

The back-to-school storm has passed. Bravo, you’ve weathered this busy time, like you have every year before. In this post, I want to invite all parents to a slow, gentle, and zen return to routine, one day at a time, without stressing yourself or those around you too much. After all, if you think about it, summer isn’t over just yet. You still have time to enjoy it.

Act as though…

September is even more amazing than you thought. Have you noticed yet? Some would say it’s the new August. Your regular schedule starts to settle in, and you accept it, but nothing is stopping you from relaxing a little longer. It’s as though summer vacation were not over quite yet.

If you really think about it, September is the most relaxing month of all. In fact, it’s actually the end of August that has us running around like the sky is falling. It’s a mad dash of back-to-school shopping for notebooks, stickers, pencil sharpeners, clothing, indoor shoes, lunch boxes, extracurricular activities… the list goes on. But once the marathon is over and the kids are back at their school desks, there’s a wonderful break of a couple weeks before activities, hockey tournaments, and homework rob us of what little free time we have. September is therefore perfect to take a breath, because summer is still here until the 21st!

Relax with your partner.

Use the quieter weekends of September for a last-minute romantic getaway to a chalet. Why not? Sometimes in September, we struggle to get out of the routine. We voluntarily take on a stay-at-home life. Why leave the nest in September, when it’s so idyllic? It’s actually the best time to go! At the end of tourist season, the number of cabins available for rent explodes, and you can reserve some choice locations. A getaway with your partner is a great way to reconnect and synchronize for the upcoming school year.

Imagine: a quiet morning, wrapped up in your bathrobe, a steaming cup of coffee in your hands as you appreciate a mirror-still lake. Nothing is rushing you, and everything is relaxed. A campfire in the afternoon, a nap in a hammock, a hike through the forest, a vegetable stew simmering inside… Now that’s what I call thumbing your nose at routine and enjoying the last days of summer. Take a deep breath, there’s still time.

Make time for yourself

Did you have time for self-care this summer? An afternoon alone? The good news is that you still have a couple of weeks to answer YES to this question. Stop procrastinating and enjoy the last beautiful days (or nights) of summer to do something for yourself and give yourself a bit of happiness.

Maybe you were supposed to go out with the girls (or the boys) this summer, but time got away from you, no one was available at the same time, and oops, the evening never happened. Do it now. Make it happen and enjoy your last chance for after-work drinks on an outdoor terrace with your friends this year.

Maybe you promised yourself a spa day (#ShamelessSelfPromo) with 12 chapters of your favourite book and a bottle of sunscreen, but you were too busy worrying about everyone else’s happiness first. Now it’s your turn. It will feel even better, knowing that everyone is working but you. Now you’re really getting the full summer experience!

Savour every second of summer with your family

September is also the time for family activities you didn’t have time for in the summer. Let’s be honest, Mother Nature was in a fit of depression this summer. We felt the full force of her gloomy days and stormy tantrums. You no doubt had to cancel a few outdoor activities this year. It’s not too late to reschedule them.

If you promised to take the kids to the drive-in, you still have time: they’re still open for a few more weeks.  In fact, it’s the perfect time, because there are fewer mosquitoes! What screams summer more than mini golf? End the day on a high note with a refreshing ice cream cone, and no one would ever believe that school was back in session. That’s real magic! Homework and end-of-semester projects will be due in no time. But for now, enjoy the last warm summer days and learn to love September, the best month of the year!


Anne-Marie Charron
Mother and wellness blogger