When resolutions meet ZEROlutions

When resolutions meet ZEROlutions

  • January 3, 2018

January is on the way, and we are all seduced by its siren song of wanting to change our habits and become a little more like our ideal selves. Have you written down your new year’s resolutions yet? Setting goals is the best way to propel yourself into action to reach them. What are yours?

Start the year by opening a window and letting in a fresh breeze to refresh the concept of new year’s resolutions. While maintaining fixed goals, let’s add the idea of ZEROlution. It’s a new word with a simple idea: eliminate certain behaviours or habits to facilitate progress. These ZEROlutions will clear the path and open the door to reach your goals.

This year, to reach your objectives, let’s focus on our well-being and adopt the ZEROlutions concept.

1- ZERO guilt

Guilt is everywhere in our lives. We easily and quickly feel guilty for not spending enough time with our children, our parents, our friends, our partners. Guilt is a poison that we create ourselves, and that puts the brakes on our actions. Finding ways to feel ZERO guilt when we are away to accomplish something that contributes to our well-being which we hold dear to our hearts is good for us and our loved ones. Share your resolutions and your game plan: it’s a great way to gain support from your peers without feeling guilty! Go freely and peacefully to become the best you can be!

2- ZERO obligation

Obligation, now there’s a heavy word. Suffocating, limiting, restrictive, exhausting. It lacks charm, fun, and compassion. However, we often feel required to use it. I must, I need to, I have to. Simply by changing our vocabulary to say, I have chosen to, I would like to, I want to, we achieve the spirit of ZERO obligation. Looking at things from a different perspective with the language we use. This year, we’ll have fewer obligations and more actions made of our own free will! And if I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it, then I have the right not to force myself to do it. I go where my heart leads me, as much as possible, and I feel so much better for it.

3- ZERO complexes

Ah, yes, the famous complex. The little voice in our heads that makes us feel bad about ourselves. The words we keep for ourselves, because they’re too hurtful to share with others: I’m too this, I’m not enough that, I don’t have this, I can’t do that. Would you be this hard on another person? The answer, of course, is NO. So before taking steps towards completing our goals, let’s put our complexes into an imaginary box, lock it up, and throw away the key. We are who we are, with a few faults and many qualities. Have a great year with ZERO complexes.

4- ZERO comparisons

Completing a project is not a destination but a journey, which has many obstacles on the way, but which leads us to becoming better people. Be patient and forgiving. Each person has his/her own goals to reach, so compare yourself with yourself, instead of with others. By doing so, we become more aware of our own development, our progress, and of the path we have taken up to the present. The pride we feel drives us forward to achieve our goals. Success comes from the progressive and ultimate realization of our desires. Be inspired by the people around you, without comparing yourself to them.

5- ZERO regrets

Sometimes on our path, some goals can change. We are only human, and sometimes, despite all our good will, we don’t always manage to achieve our goals, for any number of reasons. Remember: ZERO regrets. Focus on what you have accomplished instead of highlighting the failures, the abandonments, and the standstills. Remember, it’s impossible to control everything. A project can be continued later, if it’s what you really want.

As the new year begins, take a moment to remember everything you have accomplished over the past year. This exercise is inspiring, and above all, rewarding. We didn’t always achieve everything we wanted to last January, but life is full of surprises. We have learned some things and are prepared to do the same for the coming year. Be proud of who you are. And was one of your resolutions to focus on your well-being first to become fully self-fulfilled?

Happy New Year!


Anne-Marie Charron, Wellness blogger