Your First Massage

Let yourself go completely

Stretch and close your eyes. Confident, gentle, and professional, your massage therapist works to untangle knots and relax your muscles one by one, until your body is in a state of total wellness.  

The massage experience is one of relaxation and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest. Read the information below to get the most out of your visit.  

Good to know

Reserve the right massage for you

Take the time to consider what you want to get out of your massage – do you want a moment of deep and complete relaxation, or do you want your massage therapist to work on a specific problem area? Review our massage page to choose the right experience for you, and then be sure to make a reservation either online or by phone. If you review our massage page and are still unsure, feel free to call our Customer Service Centre and one of our agents can provide you with a recommendation to help you make your choice. 

The day of your massage

On the day of your visit, arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to sign in and fill out your health questionnaire. If you have reserved the thermal experience as well, you can enjoy it before and/or after your massage. 

The massage rooms

The massage therapist assigned to you will come find you in the relaxation lounge to direct you to your massage room. Once you set foot inside, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of relaxation. You will be welcomed by soft background music, subdued lighting, a warmth in the air, and the scent of the essential oil you have chosen. Everything will be in place to allow you to experience a moment of pure bliss. Make yourself at home and let yourself go completely.  

What to wear

Although we recommend removing your clothes to enjoy your massage, we respect the choice of our guests who prefer to keep their undergarments on. Remember, you will be covered at all times by a sheet to respect your privacy, and only the part of your body to be massaged will be uncovered.

Personalize your experience

To enhance your experience, you can personalize your massage by choosing from among three essential oils and opting for either silence or ambient background music. Choose from among sweet orange, eucalyptus, or lavender. Each carries its own properties that contribute to your overall well-being during the massage.  

Properties of essential oils

Sweet orange: soothing, astringent, vivifying, restores the skin’s brightness

Eucalyptus: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, alleviates rheumatism and muscle injuries, improves respiratory condition

Lavender: calming, soothing, improves sleep, reduces anxiety and stress

During your massage

To draw the maximum benefit from your massage, we recommend you speak with your massage therapist throughout. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, identify your pain, express your specific needs, and ask them to adjust the pressure they are applying. By regularly expressing your needs, your expectations will be better understood by the professional for your satisfaction.  

Practical information

Massage therapists

All massage therapists at Thermëa are members of a professional association in Manitoba and as such can issue receipts for insurance purposes.  

State of health and medication intake 

If you take medication or have certain health conditions, it may be best to avoid therapeutic treatment. We recommend that all our guests seek personalized medical advice from their physician before reserving a massage. Prior to receiving a massage, we ask guests to fill out and sign a health form as a means of certifying that you have declared any health conditions. It is possible that your massage therapist will ask for a note from your health care provider. 

Pregnant women

The Mom-to-be massage is a prenatal massage. All pregnant women should consult their doctor before receiving a massage.


We invite you to inquire about your coverage with your insurance company before reserving your massage.  

Minimum age

Access to the spa and massages is limited to people aged 16 or older.


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