Unveiling the Therapeutic Magic of Doodling 

Unveiling the Therapeutic Magic of Doodling 

  • June 6, 2024

In the margins of textbooks, on the edges of meeting agendas, or dotted in the blank spaces of a notebook, doodles emerge as silent companions to our thoughts. Often dismissed as idle scribbles, doodling carries a wealth of therapeutic potential for you to discover, and maybe adopt.  

What’s Doodling?  

Doodling holds deeper significance than meets the eye. More than a bit of sketching; it’s a tool for learning, expression, and introspection. 

Defined as “making spontaneous marks with your mind and body to help yourself think,” doodling challenges traditional notions of distraction. Some see it as a gateway to reflection and quietude, while others view it as a form of proactive daydreaming with subconscious therapeutic value. 

flower doodles

7 Benefits of Doodling 

  1. Outlet for creativity: Doodling offers a low-pressure creative way to express oneself.
  2. Great for concentration: Doodling boosts concentration and recall, improving memory by 29%.
  3. Promotes catharsis: Doodling can tap into deep emotions, fostering psychological balance and catharsis.
  4. Encourages humour: Drawing, especially faces, sparks humour. It’s a great way to lift spirits during stressful periods.
  5. Useful for anxiety: Doodling can help you focus on the present, easing anxiety before stressful events.
  6. Helps solve problems: Doodling sparks creativity, which can lead to spontaneous problem-solving insights. It lets your mind wander in often productive ways!
  7. Encourages self-discovery: Doodling unveils inner thoughts and feelings, sometimes revealing symbolic meanings.
woman doodling in a journal

How to Get Started With Doodling

  1. Start simple: Don’t worry about your drawing skills. Begin with basic shapes like lines, dots, circles, and triangles. They’re the building blocks of more complex doodles.
  2. Mindful beginnings: Find a comfortable spot, take a few deep breaths, and commit to being present. Let your pen flow freely on the paper without worrying about what the outcome will look like.
  3. Creative exploration: Fill your doodle with whatever comes to mind—waves, dots, colours, anything. Embrace the freedom and explore different possibilities.
  4. Check-in: Pause midway through your doodle. Notice your thoughts and feelings. Are you relaxed or stressed? Trust the process and let go of any judgments.
  5. Reflection: When you finish, take a moment to appreciate your creation. Turn your doodle around and see it from different angles. Embrace the perspectives it offers.
mindfulness journal at the spa

Doodling at the Spa 

To honour Global Wellness Day on Saturday, June 8, we will offer complimentary Mindfulness journals to all our guests this summer. Pick one up and fill it with answers to our prompts, doodles or any thought that comes to mind. Immerse yourself in the moment and add a new facet to your spa experience. 

chalk star doodle

What begins as aimless marks on paper can blossom into a profound journey of self-discovery through the art of doodling. From fostering concentration to unlocking creativity, doodling serves as a testament to the boundless depths of the human mind and its innate capacity for healing and growth.