Our 2022 Local Gift Guide

Our 2022 Local Gift Guide

  • November 29, 2022

It’s that time of the year again! The clock is ticking, and we could all use a little bit of inspiration and a couple more gift ideas. This year, we’ve reached out to our very own artisans for suggestions. Our 2022 Local Gift Guide is filled to the brim with presents for everyone on your list, courtesy of Thermëa’s team.  

Calypso, our Holiday Kiosk Supervisor, starts this year’s gift guide with sage advice: “Everyone loves the gift of food!”  Local bakeries Gâto and Oh Doughnuts are Calypso’s top picks.  

Chef Chicco keeps the foodie gift trend going with some of his favourites! Tea from Cornelia Bean, coffee from Thom Bargen Coffee Roasters, pasta from Nature’s Farm and honey from The John Russell Honey Company make for the perfect gift basket.  

All of Chef Chicco’s suggestions are featured on Thermëa’s menus. To give your loved ones the full experience this holiday season, why not give them the gift of the Gourmet Package?   

Keeping with the theme, Ethan, from Guest Experience, recommends Spice World, both for the incredible couple behind the company and their incredible products.   

Julie, our Boutique Supervisor, thinks a gift from Patent 5 Distillery will look gorgeous under the tree. Her extra tip: keep an eye on their Instagram, for tutorials and cocktails recipes!  

She also recommends HayMad & Co. for their Winnipeg Blue Bombers line and their dedication to donating to good causes like KIDTHINK and the Canadian Mental Health Association with their “Be Kind” line.  

And finally, Janis in Marketing, is a strong believer in giving experiences as gifts. This winter, she recommends tickets to Zoo Lights for a bit of holiday magic! For something to look forward to, tickets to a Goldeyes baseball game will be the perfect summertime outing.  

Not one to stray away from the non-official theme, Janis also suggests buying a little something from De Luca’s or a nice bottle from Jones Wine Merchants.  

Still need a little more inspiration?