The Importance of Exfoliation

The Importance of Exfoliation

  • March 22, 2022

The skin we’re in is as ever-changing as we are. Every day, the regenerative cycle starts all over again.

Unlike reptiles who shed all at once, our natural shedding process—called desquamation—is constantly happening. Our bodies are always creating new skin cells and, one at a time, they turn over, cell by cell. Our environment—and the change in season—skin type, routines, and stress levels all play their part in the process. As we age and the rhythm of our lives starts to slow down, so does the cycle. Skin cells shed away less easily and frequently, which means old cells start to accumulate.

The solution? Scrubbing. Exfoliation helps us keep the process moving along nicely and keeps our skin looking happy and healthy. Scrubbing away the accumulation of old cells once or twice a week allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin better, prevents clogged pores, uneven texture, and dry skin.

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What exfoliant is best?

There are plenty of different exfoliants on the market. When it comes to scrubbing, we recommend opting for simple and familiar ingredients. Natural options are not only packed full of additional benefits for our skin, but they are also better for the environment, namely our waterways. Which one is the best or right for you simply depends on what you want and need.


When used as a gentle exfoliant, ground coffee effectively removes dead skin cells—of course—but it also minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun damage. In a scrub, it also temporarily tightens, wakes up and plumps up the skin. However, coffee grounds do not dissolve, so this scrub is better experienced outside of the shower so you can throw away any fall out rather than clogging up your shower drain.


The texture of sugar is perfect for exfoliation and its qualities as a humectant are an appreciated plus. Sugar pulls the moisture out of the air into the skin which leaves it soft and hydrated. Its flavour is also appreciated when it comes to lip scrubs!


Soothing and anti-inflammatory, finely ground oats are perfect for sensitive skin. Whilst gentle, they still cleanse away dead skin cells to leave you with a smooth and vibrant complexion. Oatmeal is also rich in minerals and antioxidants which revive tired skin.


The finer the salt, the gentler the exfoliation. A coarser grain is perfect for those times when our skin needs a full reset—like when seasons and our environment changes. Its coarse texture is perfect to slough away dead skin while its minerals keep the skin supple.

Did you know there is an exfoliation station by the Vaporo saunas? Give it a try during your next spa visit!