How to Have the Perfect Spa Day at Home 

How to Have the Perfect Spa Day at Home 

  • December 21, 2020

Today, bring relaxation and tranquility home by gifting yourself the perfect at-home spa day. This year more than any other, we deserve to take some time for ourselves. Let go of all your worries and create your very own haven of peace.

Play calming tunes 

Music has the power to transport us anywhere. Hopefully, our selection will transport you to Thermëa. You may find here six playlists to help create the perfect spa ambiance. So, turn the music down low and begin your relaxation journey.

gift basket candle

Light some candles 

To perfect the at-home spa experience, burn your favourite candles. Better yet, find some local businesses that offer delightfully relaxing scents. From Mysa, we particularly love eucalyptus & cedar as well as grapefruit & rosemary. From Coal and Canary, Winter Walks and Wooly Socks with its notes of winterberry, teakwood and sage has to be our pick.

Make a cozy drink 

There’s something so comforting about holding a hot cup of something. Whilst tea is a perfect choice for a relaxing warm beverage, we’re quite fond of taking it to the next level. Our chai latte recipe—using local Cornelia Bean—is sure to bring a touch of warmth to your at-home spa day.

chai latte lavender thermea

Get comfortable

The lights are dimmed, the music is softly playing, and you’ve got a warm beverage in your hand—it’s time to get comfortable. Put your comfiest bathrobe on! Being cozy goes a long way in relaxing your whole body—trust us, you won’t regret wearing the robe.

Treat your skin 

Give your skin a boost by exfoliating it gently. Our recipes for home-made scrubs are easy to make and use ingredients you most likely already have at home. Follow it up with your favourite moisturized and your skin will be soft as can be.

thermea books relaxing

Clear your mind 

Reading is proven to be a relaxing activity, slowing your heart rate, and easing tensions in your muscles. Add one of our favourite relaxing reads to your at-home spa day to quiet your mind.

Order some spa food

Our Chefs always work to bring the best dishes—with local ingredients and Scandinavian flair—right to your table each visit to the spa.

For your spa day, why not bring our menu to your table? Through our website or by calling 204-894-8610, you can order your favourite spa dishes and recreate the Thermëa experience at home.

delivery thermea pasta

Some of our favourites are:

  • Our cheese and/or charcuterie box | Pick either all cheese, all charcuterie or half/half! A chef selection including crackers, Thermëa spicy beer mustard, preserves, pickles, nuts & seeds.
  • Our vegan quinoa beet bowl | Quinoa and mushroom pilaf, red beet hummus, beet puree, sliced boiled beets, beet powder, toasted walnuts, arugula, complete with balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Our black garlic cream pasta | Quality Rummo noodles, black garlic cream sauce, crispy fried garlic, green onions, complete with garlic toast.
  • And for dessert, our tiramisu | Layers of espresso-soaked ladyfinger cookies with sweet vanilla cream cheese and strawberries.

Complete with wines from Jones & Company and local brewery beers!

Order now

While you wait 

Add to your spa day a little something more. While your food is on the way, whip up a different kind of recipe with one of our home-made face masks! Or opt for something a little less messy with a rejuvenating self-massage.

Latte Thermea Outside


Savour the moment—and your delicious food—fully. This time is for you.

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