Awaking your Five Senses at the Spa in fall

Awaking your Five Senses at the Spa in fall

  • October 1, 2016

The air is growing cooler, nature is charming us with its bold and beautiful colours, and slowly, it is calmly preparing for sleep to let the cold season take over. Let’s take advantage of autumn, the season of comfort, to wake all our senses.

1- Admire the autumn landscape

In October, nature turns up the glamour. It shows off its most beautiful attire to completely dazzle us. We are taken by the sudden urge to throw ourselves into nature’s arms and enjoy its hiking trails to become part of the landscape. After exercise comes relaxation. Nestled in the heart of nature, the view at the spa is simply magnificent in autumn. Soak up this nameless beauty and store a little heat before November.

2- Breathe in the fresh air

Breathe deeply to absorb the scent of nature in full bloom before hibernation. The autumn scents are amazing! During a beautiful October afternoon, snuggled into a hammock under a warm sun, inhale calmly and exhale to purify your inside. Be on the lookout, for many scents are wafting throughout the spa. The fragrance of the nature, of essential oils, of eucalyptus, lavender, and orange–all are as invigorating as they are relaxing. Take part in an Aufguss ritual in the Finlandia sauna. There, you will have the opportunity to live one of the most stimulating experiences possible for your sense of smell.

3- Treat yourself

With the official return of the cardigan this season, we must confess to a strong urge to wrap ourselves in a robe around a fire and feel its warmth on our chilly cheeks. At the spa, various rest areas beckon you into this atmosphere, as much inside during cold weather as outside during nice weather. We also understand the vital need to pamper yourself. A massage would be perfect, and it creates immense feelings of wellness. Whether you are freeing yourself from daily tensions or from muscle pain related to training, let yourself fall into the magic hands of our massage therapy professionals. Treat yourself.

4- Hear the silence

Take a break to appreciate the silence. Listen to the waterfall, the soft and inspiring music, the sounds of nature, the birds, maybe the rain. Feel the sound waves pass through your body and listen to yourself. Listen, talk to yourself, and tell yourself nice things. Be positive, give yourself compliments, set goals, and maybe even apologize to yourself. When was the last time you meditated? Take advantage of the sauna and the rest areas, all in complete silence. Listen to the beauty of silence. You already feel better.

5- Taste comforting meals

Every autumn, stews and soups take the spotlight. We are programmed to enjoy comforting meals that remind us of Sunday dinners at Grandma’s. The spa is no exception. Before or after relaxing, between a massage and a body-care session, tantalize your taste buds with our new autumn menu suggested by the chef. Pair your culinary moment with a glass of fine wine, and your night will be quite simply a success.

An autumn spa visit is like taking a break halfway between back-to-school and the holidays to have a unique multisensory experience in the heart of nature.