Think about yourself

Think about yourself

  • September 1, 2016

September: Making the right choices for a balanced life

Offer yourself a VIP seat with AIR Wellness. Make yourself a place of choice in your life. Make the choice to look after yourself, your social relations, your couple, your health. Make the choice to feel great!

1- Make the choice to choose yourself

This fall, I choose to give myself moments with myself. I choose to put myself on ‘’not available’’ mode… I accept that it is a big challenge. I offer myself moments to take care of my physical and mental health, going on a personal retreat to find my innerself, to think, to put things into perspective. After all, people can leave a message or a voicemail, right?

We have different body treatments to propose. choose yours and book, you deserve it.

2- Make the choice to spend time with the people you love

There is evidence that social activities are beneficial for recharging the batteries. Unfortunately, they are too often neglected because of professional and family obligations. I choose to give myself quality time with my friends, my sister, my cousin, my parents, to talk about our lives, to confide in them. It would do me so much good. Who would contact first?

3- Make the choice to look after your couple

I must definitely take care of it, because the bike-work-sleep routine can make the relationship falter at times. It is vital to reserve some time just the two of us, without the kids, to talk without being interrupted and make up for lost time. To have it all to ourselves at times is good for the heart and the mind! And you know what? Kids enjoy being spoiled by Grandma!

4- Make the choice to take your time

The summer vacations were great, but we still need a time to unwind every day. I choose to do less to do better. I choose to take thing slow. I choose to cut my working time to make room for free time. It is proven that free time promotes creativity and wellness. I choose to stop saying I lack of time, because after all, there are 24 hours in a day, and only I have control over what I make of every hour. Let’s meditate on this…

We invite you to integrate the thermal experience to your health ritual.

5- Make the choice to take care of your health

A cliché that never goes out of fashion. When we are in good health, we have everything. So what about if we aimed an adequate balance of body and mind?

I choose to do it my way, with my choice of activities and food… without much restriction… Identifying what really motivates me can help me make better choices. For example, I’d like to take care of myself to improve the quality of my sleep, to boost my immune system, or reduce my stress level… Can’t wait to see the results.

Why not starting with a nice massage?

And if the back-to-school period meant back to a balance life? Now it’s your turn to make choices to achieve yours. Have a good  personal back to daily routine period.

The Nordik team