What’s New

Here is what's new at Thermëa!

Express face care treatments in nature

Comfortably sitting on the terrace behind Relaxa, wrapped up in your bathrobe, receive a face care treatment with a stunning view of the Ëdena forest beach as a bonus. Now, imagine how a treatment in total symbiosis with nature will make you feel relaxed.

Enhance your summer spa experience! Give us the pleasure of taking care of you.

Choose one of our three condensed body treatments and chair massage:

  • Express anti-fatigue eye treatment
  • Express hydrating treatment

The availability of these outdoor express treatments and massages is dependent on the weather.

Onsite booking only.

Rate: $65 + taxes

June 17th - Access to the spa

Manitoba Marathon

This Sunday, June 17th, Thermea is on the route of the Manitoba Marathon.

Please watch for the route signs to access our site.  We also recommend you allow some extra time if you have a booked treatment.

Thank you and enjoy the relaxation!

Discovery Day – Youth in relaxation mode

On Sunday, June 24

School is out, it’s time to relax!

Celebrate the end of the school year with your tweens and teens (ages 8 and up) by suggesting a moment of relaxation at the spa. After having worked hard all year, they really need to relax!

This is the perfect opportunity to let them discover the benefits of the spa. Together in a relaxing and casual atmosphere, experience thermotherapy, discover the Aufguss ritual and more!

On June 24, take a break with your family to start the summer vacation off right!

Schedule and conditions:

  • Youth from 8 to 15 only
  • Ages 8-10: 1 per adult
  • Ages 11+: Up to 3 per adult

Two blocks of 4 hours each: from 8 a.m. to noon or from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Discovery evening – Jazz & Spa

A celebration of music and wellness

A celebration of music and wellness

On May 31, Join us for this Discovery Evening, dedicated to jazz. Combine the numerous benefits of the spa with the pleasure of travelling back in time through jazz music and the refined atmosphere it brings with it.

In a relaxing and distinguished ambience, try heat therapy while appreciating the live performance of a jazz trio, enjoy the exquisite combination of oysters and sparkling wine and experience jazz-inspired Aufguss rituals. Accept our invitation to relax in elegance. The evening starts at 5 p.m.

$55 per person (plus tax)

NEW! Purifying Himalayan Salt Body Treatment

A detoxifying, regenerative body treatment now available at Thermëa

Starting April 23, our Nordik estheticians will offer a new Himalayan salt body treatment. Discover the many virtues of this exfoliating body treatment and antibacterial pink crystal salt, which was formed 250 million years ago in northern Pakistan.

This whole body exfoliating treatment is provided in three steps:

  1. Rubbing with Himalayan salt stones
  2. Exfoliation with essential oils and Himalayan salt grains
  3. A Comfort Zone moisturizing cream wrap

Four warm Himalayan salt stones are placed on your back. The heat transports you into a soothing atmosphere. Then you are rubbed with Himalayan salt stones, which opens your skin pores to prepare for exfoliation, the treatment’s final stage.

Our exfoliating scrub recipe, which combines Himalayan salt grains and a blend of Comfort Zone essential oils, helps purify the body, regenerate and soften the skin while producing a calming effect. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin, stimulate circulation, reduce cellulite and improve the health of your skin. All this is topped off with a generous, enveloping application of a rich, superior quality moisturizing cream. This is what body treatment is all about!

Himalayan Salt

Buried for millennia, this salt oxidized when it came into contact with the iron present beneath the earth, which gives it its characteristic pink colour. It is extremely rich in mineral salts, magnesium and iodine, and nutrients that have not been exposed to modern air pollutants and contribute to cell regeneration.

The new Himalayan salt body treatment is a real experience in itself!

Even more Aufguss in the Finlandia sauna

9 rituals now held every day

Due to the Aufguss craze and popularity, Thermëa now offers nine Aufguss rituals every day in the Finlandia sauna so that more guests can experience this spectacular ritual.

Here is the new Aufguss ritual schedule: Every day at 11 :00, 13 :00, 15 :00, 17 :00, 19 :00 and 21 :00.