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Focused on providing you with an amazing relaxation experience and maintaining the standards of quality of our facilities, Thermëa is working hard to create innovative new infrastructures and to improve those that have built its reputation.

Winter Special Measures

Iceber and Polarbër

For health and safety of our guests, the Iceber cold waterfall and Polarbër cold plunge will be closed when outside temperature drops below -35 °C and when there is significant ice build up in the waterfall. Our team will make frequent checks to ensure an optimal and safe experience for our guests.

Thank you for your understanding.

An update regarding the new Lounge!

Work is progressing smoothly

The construction of the new Lounge is progressing well. The project is becoming more and more concrete, the menu has been finalized and the experience is coming to life!

This new Lounge will host up to 40 people in two different sections. In a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, you’ll be able to share tapas with your friends by the fireplace, or sitting comfortably on benches or seats with table! A bar service will also be available, with a list of original and exquisite cocktails.

There may be some noise during construction.

Thank you for your understanding.

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