Our Top 10 Wellness Predictions for 2024

Our Top 10 Wellness Predictions for 2024

  • December 12, 2023

Taking a trip down memory lane through the ever-evolving landscape of wellness, we come across fads like the mushroom coffee buzz of 2022 or the activated charcoal everything of 2018, and the CBD surge of 2020. Trends like the kombucha craze of 2014 or the kale obsession of 2012 and the arrival of hygge in North America in 2016, have left an indelible mark. As we stand on the threshold of 2024, the anticipation builds. While 2023 was filled with matcha, Gua Sha, and saunas, only time will reveal the trends that will shape the coming year. When it comes to wellness, we have some predictions for 2024.  

What’s trending? Our 2024 Wellness Predictions 

Wellness Retreats

Embracing the rising demand for holistic well-being, these curated escapes promise a balanced and rejuvenating break, defining the wellness landscape of the coming year.  

Environmental Health  

Our increasing awareness of the intricate links between our surroundings and our well-being will lead us to make efforts to cultivate healthier living spaces; from reducing exposure to toxins to promoting more sustainable lifestyles, small changes can make all the difference.

Mindfulness and Meditation 

Our growing care for our mental health will take us down the road of mindfulness and meditation this year. These ancient techniques alleviate stress, sharpen focus and nurture well-being, all things we can benefit from in today’s world.  

Sound Healing 

As wellness podcasts become ever more popular, we must not forget what came first: music. Sound therapy—or sound healing—taps into the healing properties of music and vibrations to foster relaxation, facilitate meditation, and uplift our mental well-being.  

Corporate Wellness 

The rise of corporate wellness programs sees organizations investing in the health and vitality of employees. Beyond traditional benefits, these programs reflect a commitment to nurturing a healthy work-life balance. 


Embraced for reasons ranging from sustainability to social responsibility, the rise of plant-based choices is undeniable. Far from an all-or-nothing approach to veganism; it’s the collective effort to make mindful choices for our health and the planet’s.   

Sleep Ecology  

Recognizing the pivotal role of sleep in overall health, we predict a surge in attention toward improving sleep quality. Expect products and services dedicated to enhancing our nightly rest to take centre stage in 2024.


Grounding, or earthing, is gaining momentum as we all seek a deeper connection with nature. This practice involves direct contact with the earth’s natural electric charge, promoting balance and enhancing overall well-being. 


Cryotherapy has been around for a few years. However, we think 2024 is the year cold therapy will reach the masses. Fusing science and wellness, this method emphasizes the physical and mental benefits derived from controlled exposure to cold.   

At-Home Rituals  

In 2024, the pursuit of well-being will be woven into the fabric of our homes and routines. With intentional moments of relaxation and self-care, from meditation to skincare, we will craft our own personal wellness sanctuaries.

While we wait for the year to unfold and reveal all its secrets, we optimistically look forward to a year filled with community, tranquility, and positivity. Until then, we will come back here in a year and see if our wellness predictions rang true or if 2024 surprised us with its trending topics.