The Perfect Summer Day in Winnipeg

The Perfect Summer Day in Winnipeg

  • June 15, 2021

Fall, winter, and spring all have their charm—but there’s something about summer that is undeniably amazing. Blue skies, sunshine, warm breeze and long days—what’s not to love? Here in Winnipeg, summer is synonymous with good times. What makes for perfect summer days is up to interpretation, but here’s how we like ours: 

Breakfast at Hudson Bagels  

hudson bagels
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What better way to start the day than with a cup of joe and fresh bagel? Hand-rolled and as fresh as they get—Hudson Bagels bring unique flavour combinations and local flair to the table. Montreal and New York might have their own bagels, but Winnipeg-style-bagels are happening.  

Bike to Assiniboine Park  

assiboine park
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The journey here is just as great and beautiful as the destination. Whether you make your way to Assiniboine Park down Wellington Crescent or through Wolseley, you’re sure to enjoy the ride. Once you’ve made it, a world of opportunities welcomes you: from the Zoo to the Conservatory and English Garden, all the way to the Sculpture Garden—there’s something to delight everyone in Assiniboine.  

Picnic With Thermëa 

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Gingham blankets and summer days go hand in hand. After all of the morning’s excitement, sitting down—in the shade or under the sun—with a picnic will brighten up any day. It’s all the better when you didn’t have to put it together! Just call 204-894-8610 to order a picnic bundle for pick-up, or click here to have it delivered straight to your blanket in the park.  

Ice Cream at Sargent Sundae  

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Whilst our picnic bundles come with dessert, there was never a summer day that was not made better by a scoop or two of ice cream. Right across the park, you’ll find Sargent Sundae—a classic Winnipeg staple.  

Recharge at Thermëa 

massage thermea
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After walking about with cone in hand or simply lazing in the park, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a moment of pure tranquility. Feel all your worries melt away under the expert hands of our massage therapists. Enjoy the complete thermal experience before or after your massage!

Dinner at the Spa or at Home 

dinner themea
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Two options: the first, you enjoy a spa meal here, in a fluffy robe on our patio or, the second, you grab your dinner to go. Perfect days take a little preparation, right before you leave you can call 204-894-8610 or order ahead here—so that as you reintegrate the real-world post-massage and spa day, you can simply grab your dinner to go. No dishes, perfect day.  

Simply save this itinerary to keep it with you while you discover the beauty that is Winnipeg in the summer.  

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