5 Tips for Glowing Skin This Spring

5 Tips for Glowing Skin This Spring

  • March 29, 2021

After months and months of glacial temperatures—spring has finally arrived! Winter now being in the past, it is time to leave with it our cold-weather skincare habits. Our skin is in for an upcoming assault with the humidity and warm air that summer brings forth. Luckily for us, we have an entire season to make the transition to a lighter, softer, and sunnier skincare routine.   

Exfoliate Away 

During winter, your skin is overprotected and slathered with nutrient-rich thick creams. The colder months often lead to an accumulation of sebum and toxins in the epidermis, trapped by those heavy lotions. Impurities asphyxiate the skin and slow down cell regeneration leading to a sallow complexion.  

Some deep exfoliation is in order! However, following a rough winter, it’s important to use a gentle hand with your skincare to restore balance. Skip the rough exfoliators—you don’t want to completely strip your skin. A gentle exfoliator —  like oats — will not only purify your skin but also restore its healthy glow.  

Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning also applies to your skincare shelf.  

Put away the heavy creams and replace them with lighter options. Swap them for hydrating lotions and serums. Our skin holds more water during the warmer months, which means we don’t need as much protection as we did during winter. Give your skin a breather!  

Sunscreen is important no matter the season, but whilst 30 SPF is perfectly fine during winter, boosting things up to 50 is recommended in the summer. Remember to apply (and reapply) generously—every day!  


Evacuate accumulated toxins by getting your blood pumping—a little. Micro-circulation is a great way to help your skin regenerate and reduces inflammation. To do so, simply press on your skin in a light massage and release it to improve circulation.  

When it comes to the face, use upward motions as dragging the skin downward is never recommended—even when applying daily skincare. Whilst you can achieve microcirculation without any tool, you can also use a jade roller, they have recently gained in popularity for their uplifting, toning, and detoxifying benefits.  

Trade the winter gloom and its accompanying pale complexion for a rosy, healthy glow.  

Get Your Vitamins 

Whilst the sun can be harmful to our skin in many ways—Vitamin D is greatly beneficial to both our epidermis, our mental and physical wellbeing. With plenty of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and sun-blocking garments—Spring is the perfect time to go back out there and take in a load of vitamins and fresh air.  

Time spent outside in spring just brings that inner glow to the surface, a smile to our faces and excitement for the summer ahead. Furthermore, finally being outside and getting back into an active lifestyle under the sunshine is good for your health, from the inside out—and it shows.  

Don’t Forget Your Feet 

While our faces do deserve plenty of attention, so do our feet! They’ve been hiding away all winter in heavy socks and clunky boots. They probably look a little worse for wear, and they’re oh-so-easy to forget in our skincare prep.  

Exfoliate the dead skin away—here a tougher exfoliant, like ground coffee, brown sugar or sea salt, is in order—and allow yourself to indulge in a much-needed pedicure.  

Before sandal season is well upon us, now is the time to pay some special attention to our feet—whether you do it yourself, or with a little help.  

Are you ready for spring yet? Impatient for summer? To feel as good outside as we do inside, and enjoy everything every season has to offer us, we have to adapt our routines, so they perfectly fit our ever-changing environment. As the weather heats up and flowers bloom, our skin also renews itself for spring.