The 10 must of winter at the spa

The 10 must of winter at the spa

  • January 11, 2018

Why should I go to Thermëa this winter?

1- To dive into the purest form of Scandinavian tradition.

2- To exfoliate your skin, and winter is when we need it most. The exfoliation room in the Vaporo building is always open, and best of all, it’s included with your spa access.

3- To boost your immune system with the benefits of a full thermal cycle, repeated at least three times, and of the eucalyptus essential oil in the Vaporo sauna.

4- To experience the Hydrothermëa treatment. This is a special Thermëa-signature hydrotherapy treatment designed for relaxation and revitalization. It’s the perfect treatment for the winter season.

5- To take a nap in a heated hammock… outside… Amazing, right?

6- To read a couple chapters of your favourite book wrapped up in a warm blanket by the fire in the Relaxa relaxation chalet. It’s just like being at the cottage.

7- To relax in Fläm, the majestic heated log cabin at the heart of the site. Wrapped up in a bathrobe in this warm atmosphere, you’ll feel like time has stopped.

8- To relax in the Gëser pool at night and admire the stars. Live life to the fullest.

9- To savour delicious Lindt dark chocolate s’mores toasted over a fire. The mint‑flavoured ones are my favourites!

10- To appreciate the magic of nature. At night, the site is illuminated, making for a simply magnificent sight. There are no words to describe how beautiful it is. What’s more, it’s good for you!

Winter spa visits are all this and more. Take it from a pro.

Anne-Marie-Charron, wellness blogger