We innovate for you
this summer!

New Online Reservation System

The wait is over

Our new online reservation system makes things more relaxing for you, thanks to personalized options and a shorter wait time, designed to maximise your wellness experience. Simplify the reservation process in order to get to a state of bliss faster. As of June 26, your access to the thermal experience is guaranteed for the time you reserve via our new online reservation system. All you have to do is go online, select your preferred date and time of visit, customize your and your guests’ experiences, and reserve your place.  It’s as easy and stress-free as a day at the spa.

Relaxation is waiting, but you won’t be.

Make It A Summer To Remember

Reconnect With Yourself And Your Loved Ones

It’s the time of year to sit back and enjoy yourself, on your own or with friends and family. The spa environment, surrounded by nature, is the perfect atmosphere to let go, reconnect and delight in every minute of those long summer days.

This summer, most outdoor spaces at Thermëa will permit the use of “spa talk”, allowing for better connection. “Spa talk” signifies quiet conversation not exceeding the sounds of nature, so you can enjoy time with your loved ones as well as the outdoors for a blissful day. Make the most of your summer and join us for a fun and communication-oriented experience at Thermëa.

Enjoy quiet conversation in these areas:

Outdoor pools
Around the fire pits
Part of the beach
and new BiërgardenRestöLounge and terrace

Urban Detox Face Care Treatment

Rebalance And Reenergize

Want healthy glowing skin? Look no further, as we’re introducing our new Urban Detox face care treatment; A plant-based, unisex facial care specifically elaborated to counteracts the effects of stress, pollution, tiredness, and UV rays. It protects, cleanses, hydrates, detoxifies and stimulates oxygenation in cells, for a brighter and smoother complexion. You’ll be looking and feeling better in no time, thanks to natural ingredients and soothing natural aromas. Get ready to let go and glow.