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Open the door to a world of relaxation and tranquility. Enter and make yourself at home. Let yourself be engulfed by a sensation of unparalleled comfort in a peaceful and soothing ambience. What do you need? A vivifying treatment? Facial care, body care, foot care? To help you make your choice, here are the details of the treatments provided by our professional esthetician team, and practical information to book a treatment.

Himalayan Salt Treatment - Classic

Thanks to the many antibacterial properties of Himalayan salt, this whole body treatment helps detoxify and purify the body. This exfoliating treatment is provided in three steps: 
  • Application of Himalayan salt stones
  • Exfoliation with essential oils and Himalayan salt
  • A rich superior moisturizing finishing cream
 We begin the treatment with a gentle massage with Himalayan salt stones on the back, which starts the absorption of the healthy minerals found in the salts.  Working one body area at time, our exfoliating scrub, which combines Himalayan salt grains and a blend of Comfort Zone essential oils help purify the body regenerating healthy skin cells.  Finishing each area with a generous rich moisturizing cream.Himalayan SaltBuried for millennia, this salt oxidized when it came into contact with the iron present beneath the earth, which gives it its characteristic pink colour. It is extremely rich in mineral salts, magnesium and iodine, and nutrients that have not been exposed to modern air pollutants and contribute to cell regeneration.The new Himalayan salt body treatment is a real experience in itself!Discover the benefits of Himalayan salt      Reserve online  

Relaxation Treatment - Classic

This is the most comforting and relaxing body treatment that we have to offer.  Having your senses decide which aromatherapy blend to choose has you in charge of the experience.  Once decided, we begin by exfoliating your full back and then massage with our hydrating cream infused with the essential oil blends to moisturize your skin. To perfectly soften your skin, the esthetician will apply warm paraffin and then massage your full legs, arms and shoulders.It will relieve tension, calm the body and soothe the mind. This treatment is completed with a scalp massage giving the entire body a sense of relaxation; hence the name! Reserve by phone          Reserve online 

Vivifying Treatment - Classic

Wildly popular for its restorative qualities, the Vivifying treatment revitalizes and detoxifies you from head to toe.  It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and invigoration!  Beginning on your tummy, the esthetician will exfoliate your full back with an organic gommage followed by a warmed application of a creamy mud with thermal waters derived from Grotto Giusti in Italy.  This not only purifies, but given its anti-inflammatory benefits, eases muscle aches and pains.  While the mud is setting, you’re treated to a scalp massage infused with Japanese mint oil to help release any stress you may be holding.As you continue to unwind completely, you’ll receive a half leg and foot exfoliation and massage finished with a mini facial that will rejuvenate your skin. That’s what we call pulling out all the stops!Reserve by phone          Reserve online 

Face Care - Classic

Observing the needs of our precious skin, Thermea’s face care treatment is personalized to your skin’s needs while ensuring your utmost comfort.  After a consultation and analysis of your skin, the esthetician will determine the line of Comfort Zone products best suited to treat your needs.  This treatment includes a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, including extractions if needed.To enhance your experience, a soothing massage will have you focused on relaxation. Your treatment is complete with a corresponding mask application leaving your skin soft and supple.Reserve by phone          Reserve online 

Foot Care - Classic

Discover our foot care treatment, providing you a feeling of freshness and relaxation.  A true rejuvenation of your tired legs and feet that will leave you feeling lightweight, nourished and soft.  This treatment includes a complete cleaning of your nails; shaping and filing, along with cuticle and callous removal, followed by exfoliation to both legs and feet.  To help you enter a state of pure bliss, we then cover your feet with a hydrating warm paraffin application to leave them soft and soothed.This treatment also includes a hand massage to complete the experience.  Given the benefits of this healthy pedicure, this treatment does not include the application of nail polish.Reserve by phone          Reserve online 

Lumëa - Specialty

Our Lumëa specialty facial is a three in one treatment!  It will brighten, renew and best of all will assist in the prevention and treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.  Thanks to its key active ingredients, this specialty facial treatment gives you an instant lifting effect while leaving your skin more youthful, soft and radiant!  Recommended for all skin ages and types, Lumëa consists of a gentle yet effective professional peel which resurfaces the skin, a brightening Vitamin C treatment followed by a cooling, lifting mask. The result is striking and immediate.  Once the finishing cream is applied, your face will glow!This treatment also includes a scalp, hand and foot massage targeting the most fatigued areas of our bodies. Treat yourself, you truly deserve it.Reserve by phone          Reserve online 

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Receiving a body treatment is an experience of relaxation and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest. Here are the steps to follow to draw the maximum benefit from the body treatment.

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Treating your loved ones by letting them be pampered at the spa is the idea of the century. Purchase a gift certificate for a body treatment in just a few clicks or at the spa boutique. You’ll be spreading joy to your loved ones!!