Massage Therapy


Achieve a deep state of relaxation; this massage will help you leave your troubles behind and feel your tension melt away.

60 minutes : $138

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Our prenatal massage allows expecting mothers to relax while relieving discomfort and fatigue.

60 minutes : $138

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The targeted and deep movements of this massage are particularly effective in releasing chronic tension.

60 minutes : $153

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Duo Massage

Temporarily unavailable 

Sharing a moment of relaxation with your partner, best friend, or parent makes the experience twice as good. All massages with the same time length can be taken in “Duo” mode, which involves combining two massage therapy sessions by opening the sliding doors between two rooms. Each guest has his/her own certified massage therapist and massage table. You can even each choose your own type of massage! Receiving massages simultaneously is what we call an intimate and unique experience!

To book a duo massage, call us at 204-284-6868.

Your health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We are not offering duo massages for the moment. Learn more about our gradual reopening plan and what services we are currently offering.

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The massage experience is one of relaxation and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest.