• Our Green Commitment

Our Green Commitment

What is good for the body should be good for nature. That is why Thermëa strives to reduce its environmental impact.

Being concerned about the environment is nothing new at Thermëa. Pampered by the nature around us, we have always done our best to protect it. For example, during the construction of the complex, we systematically recycled and reused wood, stone and earth. With efficient insulation and an elaborate heat-recovery system, all our buildings exhibit a high level of energy performance.

We are also proud to bring our part to the green and sustainable development plan of Winnipeg (OurWinnipeg) and Manitoba (Tomorrow Now!).  

To reduce our environmental impact on a day-to-day basis, we have instituted a policy regarding the optimal usage of resources, which brings employees and clients together within responsible actions such as:

  • systematically recycling paper, plastic, glass and metal
  • reducing consumption of plastic bottles on site
  • re-using natural materials like stone, wood and earth
  • recovering rainwater to water plants
  • composting natural and vegetable waste
  • conserving energy and electricity with timers and a computer system
  • working paperless and when it is really needed, printing documents on recycled paper

As you can see, these measures do not affect the level of service and comfort ... quite the opposite!



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