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Massage Therapy

Swedish or hot stones? Whatever your tensions or expectations, there is a massage for you at Thermëa.

Our body treatments

Lie down and close your eyes. The scent of essential oils and gentle music envelop you. Hands approach, safe, sensitive, professional. They will unwind one by one the knots that have your muscles all tightened up, and then transport your body into a state of total “Zenness.” Actually, what type of massage have you chosen?




Combining a firm touch and work on the joints, this muscular massage helps eliminate tension, reduce stress, and improve blood flow.

MOM TO BE MASSAGE (60 mins.) 

This prenatal massage focuses on the specific needs of pregnant women. Practiced lying on the side, with cushions positioned for maximum comfort, this massage is available to women who are more than three months’ pregnant.



NEW! HydroThermËa Massage (Cold mitten friction, 90 mins.)                                                                              

This hydrotherapy treatment will leave you feeling both relaxed and revitalized. Maximized by the combination of soothing heat and cold friction, it will contribute to increase nerve conduction and to improve circulation. Followed by a relaxing massage, this treatment will allow the bodies own innate ability to heal itself and function more efficiently. The RTM uses relaxation techniques to further extend the treatment and enhance sense of wellness.


contribute to your well-being with this first-class treatment that offers you an excellent combination of relaxation: Assisted thermal cycle followed by a therapeutic massage. Escorted by a skilled Registered massage therapist, experience the thermal cycle. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of thermotherapy, the RMT will guides you throughout the thermal cycle to fully optimize each step, receiving maximum benefit from it, while respecting your own limits. Once completely relaxed, your body will be ready to receive a therapeutic massage of your choice and experience the ultimate Thermëa experience. Make an appointment with your well-being in mind. Treat yourself to this VIP treatment!


This specialty massage is known for its benefits to deep-tissue muscle layers. By acting on muscle envelopes (fasciae), the deep-tissue massage alleviates accumulated tensions on specific spots and helps heal the trauma that leads to it. Recommended for athletes and/or people suffering from recurrent pain, the massage technique uses continuous, slow and penetrating linear pressure.


This technique uses  the heat of volcanic stones and the movements of the massage therapist. Enveloping and comforting, it brings about total relaxation to the muscles, joints and nerves.


All massages of same duration may be available in DUO. This formula consists of combining two massage rooms, each guest having his own massage table and massage therapist. During the massage, sliding doors connecting the rooms are opened to offer a unique experience with a friend or a loved one.

To book a duo massage session, please call us at 204-284-9595.


First, we recommend that you make a reservation to ensure better availability. You can indicate your preference for a male or female therapist.

The day of your visit, you must arrive 20 minutes before your massage. If you choose a package with the thermal experience, you can enjoy it before and/or after your massage, the choice is yours.

Although it is more comfortable to receive a massage when no clothing is worn, we respect the choice of our clients who prefer to keep their underwear on. Know that a sheet covers you at all times to respect your privacy, only the area being massaged is uncovered.

Also, you can customize your massage by choosing a brighter or more dim light, with or without music.

*New!* Enhance your massage! Choose from among the following three essential oils: Sweet orange, eucalyptus-black spruce and lavender! No additional charge!

Practical Information

  • Massage therapy is covered under most health care plans. Receipts will be issued upon request.
  • Reservations with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Amex) are required for all massages; cancellations or changes made less than 24 hours prior to your appointment carry a $110 +tx processing fee.
  • The essential oils aren't recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • You can enjoy a massage even if you do not want to partake in the thermal experience.
  • Please note that some parts of the site are not accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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