Ladies Day!

A ladies day at the spa!

The legendary  ladies day out! We need these days. Sometimes it’s vital to regain our balance. Your next intense relaxation session is at the spa. Everything is organized: the date, the time, the swimsuit. You’re ready!

After-work drinks at the spa

You have lots to say, haven’t you? You’re ready to start; you grab a glass of bubbly and you let yourself go. Gossip, secrets, advice, juicy anecdotes… What is said at the spa, stays at the spa!

Make yourselves comfortable at the Restö in a modern-rustic-chic décor worthy of a great designer chalet. You can break out the women’s magazines and be the envy of women everywhere. Strike a pose to play the game!

Treat yourself

Next, taking turns, you’ll treat yourself. This is a very feminine concept that improves well-being and relaxation based on each person’s tastes and desires. A facial care session for you, a massage for your best friend, and a foot care session for your cousin. What a pleasure to meet back up and share our experience while sharing a meal at the Restö. Relaxation and the royal treatment really make for a good appetite! You fill the table with platters of cheese and fine foods, salads and delicacies, all paired with a bottle of white wine. Cheers to the good life!

Later, comfy around a fire, how many times will you be tempted to say that everything is perfect here, now, with all of you together?

Include exfoliation in the thermal cycle

You take advantage of this break from your busy life to try the thermal cycle with a side of exfoliation. You choose one of the two Vaporo saunas and spend 10 to 15 minutes inside to open your pores. Then you head to the exfoliation room next to the saunas and choose one of our exfoliating salts, prepared on site by our wellness artisans. Some people choose eucalyptus, others prefer lavender. Exfoliation is a practice designed to restore shine to the skin, stimulate subcutaneous blood circulation, and remove dead skin cells. It’s also a healthy treatment for this time of year. Not only will you feel completely relaxed, but you’ll get that indescribable feeling where your skin feels baby soft.

Plan your next ladies day out!

Your relaxation getaway with the girls is already over. The day has ended too quickly. Do you have a friend who is about to marry, or who has an anniversary coming up? Here’s a great idea to highlight the occasion! Go on, try the experience. You deserve it, girls!

You go your separate ways, promising to meet up at the spa again very soon.


An example of a ladies day at the spa:

  • Get together after work
  • Head to the Restö
  • Order a glass of bubbly
  • Having a memorable after-work drink
  • Treat yourselves
  • Share a meal at the Restö, chat
  • Meet back up and relaxe
  • Treat yourself with an exfoliation ritual
  • Plan your next girls’ day out
It’s at the spa where the biggest secrets are shared.
Toxins aren’t the only thing we’re getting rid of!
— Caroline —

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