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Integrate it to your wellness ritual

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a ritual that revitalizes your senses and restores radiance to your skin and leaves you with a glowing complexion. Integrate it to your wellness ritual; it is included in the thermal experience and available any time at the Vaporo building.

Exfoliation is the process of massaging your skin with exfoliating salts in circular motions. The goal is to release dead cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin and stimulate microcirculation mechanisms and epidermal regeneration. Exfoliation leaves your skin feeling as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom.

To enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment, we recommend beginning your day of spa relaxation with an exfoliation session! The exfoliation room is located in the Vaporo building, between our two steam saunas. This space is designed to welcome you at the beginning of your thermal journey.

Exfoliation summarized

  • Ritual that revitalizes your senses and restores radiance to your skin
  • Included in the thermal experience
  • Available at the Vaporo building
  • Choice between two exfoliating salts (lavender or eucalyptus)

Steps to follow

  1. Spend 10 to 15 minutes in the Vaporo sauna of your choice in order to open your pores;
  2. Head to the exfoliation area;
  3. Choose one of our exfoliating salts: Lavender or Eucalyptus;
  4. Massage your skin in circular motions;
  5. Rinse off your body in the shower.

Please rinse the floor after your exfoliation. Thank you ! 

Are you more eucalyptus or lavender?

You can choose between two exfoliating salts, lavender or eucalyptus. Essential oils are mixed into the salt for a calming (lavender) or invigorating (eucalyptus) experience. These exfoliating salts are created right here by our artisans. The blend is made from Epsom salt, eucalyptus gel or lavender gel, and dried flowers. Two large bowls are made available to you in the exfoliation room. Help yourself.

Eucalyptus essential oils blended with the salts will have an invigorating effect. When eucalyptus comes into contact with the skin, it relaxes the muscles, relieves aches, and acts as an anti-inflammatory for your airways.

Lavender essential oils blended with the salts, however, will have a calming effect. When lavender comes into contact with the skin, it alleviates certain skin conditions, helps healing, and relieves joint pain.