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What’s New

Here is what's new at Thermëa!

Hydrothermëa massage

A signature specialty massage treatment.

This hydrotherapy treatment will leave you feeling both relaxed and revitalized. Maximized by the combination of soothing heat and cold friction, it will contribute to increase nerve conduction and to improve circulation.

Guided thermal cycle and massage

Available now!

Contribute to your well-being with this first-class treatment that offers you an excellent combination of relaxation: Assisted thermal cycle followed by a therapeutic massage.

Escorted by a skilled Registered massage therapist, experience the thermal cycle and receive a therapeutic massage of your choice. Make an appointment with your well-being in mind.

Our hammocks

Available today!

They are back for summer! The perfect place to take a nap in nature, in a remote place, under the trees, with the sound of a waterfall and the birds singing softly.

Please, do not disturb…