Tips for your next winter spa day

Tips for your next winter spa day

  • February 17, 2020

Throughout the winter months, it’s natural to feel a dip in your energy levels and your mood. Shorter days, lack of sunlight, and cold causing tension in the body can result in fatigue and a general feeling of malaise. The spa is your best ally during this season! Not only can a spa day help to counteract the negative effects of winter, it can help you to see the beauty of the snowy months and fall in love with the season as a whole.

To help you get the most out of your restorative winter moment, here are three tips to help you plan your next spa day.

1 – Accessorize

A warm winter hat is a must for an enjoyable and effective thermal cycle. During the hot and cold stages of the cycle, I like to stash my hat in the pocket of my bathrobe. Then, during my 20 minutes of rest, I put it on while I’m in a hot tub or relaxation area. The hat helps keep me warm and comfortable, so that I can properly unwind and allow the benefits of the cycle to fully sink in. If you’re like me and you always have cold extremities, you might enjoy keeping a fuzzy pair of socks in your bathrobe to slip on in the relaxation areas!

2 – Massage

Incorporating a massage into your spa visit can really help to release the physical and emotional tension that you may have accumulated over the course of the winter. For a warm and soothing experience, the hot stone massage is a great option. The warmth of the volcanic stones placed on your body really goes the extra mile in terms of relaxing your muscles. It’s also kind of like a warm, weighted blanket that feels incredibly comforting.

3 – Bring a second (a.k.a dry) bathing suit

Once your massage is over and you’re fully relaxed, there’s nothing worse than putting on a cold, wet bathing suit – especially after a hot stone massage, which is designed to bring heat back into the body. Consider bringing an extra bathing suit to wear after your massage so you can maintain your newfound state of bliss as you enjoy the rest of your spa day!

Bonus – Bring the spa home!

Make sure to stop by our boutique on your way out and pick up one of our candles, scented with essential oils. We recommend the orange scent to enhance your mood, lavender to calm your mind, and eucalyptus for an energy boost. The next time winter gets you down and you need a quick fix, transport yourself back to the spa with the power of scent!


Miranda Abraham
Wellness Blogger