What Mom Wants And Needs For Mother’s Day

What Mom Wants And Needs For Mother’s Day

  • April 24, 2019

Wondering what to get mom this year? Thermëa has you covered with different packages and exclusive offers so the gift search can end here. We have what mom wants, needs, and deserves. Here is a breakdown of our packages, designed to ensure your mother is happy and relaxed this Mother’s Day.

Massage + Body Treatment

A massage and a body treatment is the best of both worlds. Think two hours of total and complete bliss for mom. The Swedish massage has numerous benefits, as it revitalizes the body and reduces stress. Why not then try the relaxation treatment, a body treatment that focuses on aromatherapy, exfoliation and hydration to relieve tension, calm the body and soothe the mind.  

Classic Massage (60 min.) + Classic Body Treatment (60 min.)
$210 (Valued at $240)

Give the gift of relaxation

Thermal Experience + Massage

Relaxation awaits with the thermal experience and a massage. A heat therapy treatment, the thermal cycle contributes to mom’s physical and mental well-being. When coupled with a massage, the benefits are even more noticeable. If your partner has a baby on the way, the mom-to-be massage will leave her feeling as wonderful as she is.

Thermal Experience (7 days a week) + Classic Massage (60 min.)
$ 168 (A value of $ 183)

Give her time to relax

Two Massages + Thermal Experience

What’s better than a massage? Two massages paired with the thermal experience. The thermal cycle promotes physical health, encourages a deeper sleep, stimulates the immune system, eliminates toxins and improves blood circulation. When done with a classic massage, your mom will be more relaxed than ever, ensuring a Mother’s Day to remember.

Offered for a limited time, our exclusive offer includes two massages and one free access to the thermal experience.

Classic massage (60 min.) + Classic massage (60 min.) + Thermal Experience (Monday to Thursday)
$ 250 (A value of $ 299)

Enjoy an exclusive offer

Thermal Experience + Body Treatment

She’s always concerned about others, making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Let her focus on her own mental and physical health with the thermal experience and a body treatment. The Himalayan salt treatment detoxifies and purifies the body thanks to the antibacterial properties of Himalayan salt. This regenerative treatment goes well with the relaxing qualities of the thermal cycle.

Thermal Experience (7 days a week) + Classic Body Treatment (60 min.)
$ 158 (Valued at $ 173)

Give her time to reconnect

Thermal Experience + Wine & Cheese

Pair the thermal experience with wine and cheese to really make mom’s day. A delicious day awaits as she enjoys the thermal cycle, a ritual created to better the body and mind. After she’s done alternating between hot, cold and rest, she can alternate between wine and cheese. Bon appétit, mom! 

Thermal Experience (7 days a week) + wine and cheese + bathrobe rental
$ 100

Give a well-deserved break

If you’re still unsure what package to give your mom this Mother’s Day, Thermëa’s gift certificates are sure to please and are a click away.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Tell us which package would make your mom happy!


Aidan Belanger
Wellness Blogger