Why We Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Why We Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  • February 5, 2019

The verdict on Valentine’s Day is varied and conflicting. People either love it, hate it, hate to love it, or love to hate it. While restaurants may be crowded and public displays of affection seem to be waiting around every corner, we still feel like Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating, whether or not you’re in a relationship. You don’t need to start giving out cinnamon hearts or red roses, but when you put aside the materialistic and commercial aspects of the holiday, it’s a lot less stressful and disappointing than you may think.

Here are a few reasons why we should celebrate Valentine’s Day (aside from the chocolate, of course).

Its history is as interesting as it is ancient  

Contrary to popular belief, Hallmark did not invent Valentine’s Day. While there are several legends surrounding the holiday’s roots, the most popular declares St. Valentine performed secret marriages in Rome, forbidden by the Emperor at the time. Young men were not allowed to marry in order to be better soldiers, but St. Valentine took it upon himself to go against the law and marry couples anyway. His life story might not have had a happy ending, but at least his romantic nature has lived on forever.

It’s a reason to be grateful

We tend to focus on the negative on a daily basis, whether that means we’re hard on ourselves or just complaining about work. Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to look at our lives and all we have that we’re thankful for. Our health, our loved ones, food; whatever we love about our lives, that’s what we should be celebrating today and every day.

It’s a great excuse to relax  

You may not have the day off work but Valentine’s Day is a holiday, and that means you should take the time to relax. It’s cold and crowded outside, you have every right to cuddle up with your partner/pet/pillow and enjoy some downtime. We may be biased but the best place to unwind is at the spa. Whether you’re on a date or flying solo, it’s truly the ultimate way to spend Valentine’s Day or any day.

It’s also a great excuse to treat yourself and the one you love

If you’re single, show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day by splurging on the item you’ve been eyeing up or the activity you’ve been dying to try. If you’re in a relationship, give your partner a little extra loving this time of year by treating them to something you know will put a smile on their face. Spending money is not what makes this holiday special, it’s the realization that you love yourself or your significant other enough to want to celebrate that love. It’s a good feeling.

When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. It’s worth celebrating because love is worth celebrating. The love you have for yourself, your partner, family, friends, co-workers, or dog. Regardless of who or what you love, it’s important to acknowledge and honor it. Love can be the best or the worst, either way, it’s inevitable. Don’t fight it, celebrate it.



Aidan Belanger
Wellness Blogger