Autumn in wellness mode

Autumn in wellness mode

  • November 14, 2018

Ah, November. The mornings seem icy (and yet, it’s just the beginning), and the evening darkness arrives earlier and earlier every day. I admit I find it a bit hard to stay positive!

I’m sharing my routine to combat seasonal blues and feel good until the holidays. If you’re also in need of a little boost of energy and comfort, read on!

Fill up on vitamins

Add some colour to your plate! Fall offers so many great root vegetables and squash full of flavour and the grocery store shelves are bursting with juicy clementines and mandarin oranges. I take advantage of the gloomy weekends to cook seasonal flavours and prepare nourishing meals for the week.

Heading outside at lunchtime when the sun is shining brightly is also an excellent way to offer a little helping hand to your body…and your mood. Go for a walk, breathe deeply and get some fresh air.

Cocoon at home

The cold season is ideal for cocooning. It’s the time of year when hot baths, facial care and comforting herbal teas become part of my routine. It’s also the perfect season to light my favourite candles and create the most relaxing space possible for myself. If you want to make your own cozy nest and recreate the spa experience at home, download our album, Relaxation. Its gentle melodies are ideal for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

Start preparing for the holidays

There’s no better way to forget the gloom than getting into the festive spirit early. I like to enjoy a walk in nature combined with a visit to the local florist to stock up on branches and leaves of all kinds to make a natural wreath.

It is also the best time to start your holiday shopping to avoid the crowds and stress. Make a list of people you want to give presents to and think about some gift ideas that they would enjoy and that focus on what really counts, like quality time!

For gift ideas that are sure to please every time, check out our three packages that were specially designed by our wellness creators.

Keep warm and relax!


Caroline B. Courcy

Wellness Blogger