Top 5 Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Top 5 Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

  • May 1, 2017

Explore gift ideas to treat you mom, motherinlaw, or a mom-to-be for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Nordik has a few gift ideas for the moms around you. Whether you want to treat the person who held you in her arms when you were just a baby, the person who takes care of your children from time to time, or someone who is going to be a mom in a few months, these five relaxing gifts are perfect to make them smile… and give them a break.

1- Give her a body treatment

What a nice touch! Moms are known for thinking of others before worrying about themselves. Give her one of life’s pleasures, one that she has no doubt been putting off for weeks. Treat her and give us the pleasure of welcoming her into a gentle and soothing atmosphere to give her the same care and attention she gives to others.

2- Book a duo massage

You’ve been talking about it for ages, it’s now time to take action! Book a duo massage with her. Surprise her, keep it a mystery. Tell her only that you’ll go and pick her up at a certain time and on a certain day, and then take her… to paradise. Share this thorough relaxation experience, an hour of complete and total calm, together! That’s what we call a special moment.

3- Give her a spa essentials gift basket

During your next visit to the spa, stop by our boutique and build a gift basket of spa essentials for the mom you wish to treat. A scented candle that becomes massage oil as it melts, eucalyptus infused soap, an infuser water bottle, and one of our many topquality Comfort Zone products. Giving her a gift of daily relaxation is a great idea! She’ll be overjoyed.

4- A bathrobe for you, mom

Every time you come to the spa, she tells you how much she loves the Nordik bathrobe. It’s just so comfortable! Grant her wish by buying her a bathrobe, just for her. For an extra treat, hide a gift certificate in one of the pockets for her next relaxation getaway at the spa. She’ll be touched!

5- Massage for a mom-to-be

Is the family growing? Contribute to a mom-to-be’s wellness, with her perfectly round tummy, by suggesting she take a break at the spa. Treat her to a massage specifically designed to meet the unique needs of pregnant women. It will be good for her, and she’ll love it, too. Taking care of her means taking care of the baby.

For Mother’s Day, give her a break. She totally deserves it.

Anne-Marie, wellness blogger